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Pimping those who help.

I think I’ll start off with a special pimpage post on four very helpful podcasts not just for writers but for creators in any medium yes these are geared for writers but viewed from the proper perspective it can help artists across the board in their various trades.

For those I’m about to Pimp – I salute you…. good thing I have AC/DC on my ipod that would be stuck in my head all freaking day otherwise…

Ladies Gentlemen and those we cannot classify Thank you for being full of awesome, and awesome advice.

Dead Robots Society –
I Should be Writing –
Tale Chasing –
Writing Excuses –

There’s a lot of insight and good advice found in these four podcasts.

There’s a lot that I’ve been able to use, a lot that I should be using I just can’t get my dumbass to accept it and run with the ball.

Dead Robots Society – found this because of a post I saw from PG Holyfield – The Author that lured me into podcast fiction. The guys over at DRS are fun to listen to, they have very different viewpoints and I find it to be among the best writing podcasts out there. There are pieces from each of their points of view that all strike home and arm me better to deal with my chosen passion hobby and creating fiction – (once I can get my ass in the chair on a regular basis and write then I’ll change it to writing fiction) The guys seem to have fun talking about different aspects every week, it fun it’s informative, and I’m still catching up old episodes from the archive.
Hosts – Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, Ryan Stevenson, and PG Holyfield (as of this writing and hopefully for long time to come)

I Should be Writing – don’t remember how I found out about I Should be writing – It was a promo in several of the early podcast novels I was listening to and I finally gave it a listen. Mighty Mur Lafferty has a lot of advice. When the podcast started out it was advice from a would be fiction writer to other would be writers with interviews from published authors ever few episodes – Since then Mur is no longer a would be writer but published author with Playing for Keeps which came out late last year. The most important lessons I’ve gained from the Geek Fu Goddess herself – I’m allowed to suck (and frankly expected to until I practice a lot just like anything else)and get my ass in the chair and write.
Host – Mur Lafferty

Tale Chasing – Found this little gem because of the guys over at the DRS – Kimi was a guest on a show and I headed over to give her podcast a listen shortly thereafter. Kimi Alexandre seems to have taken much the same approach as Mighty Mur and in her endeavors to work on her novel which she’s podcasting as she’s writing (I don’t mean you hear her clacking at the keys but shortly after the chapters are written she’ll podcast them) and she interviews other authors along the way. It’s fun informative and it’s the path I want to eventually take with my own fiction, (but more on that in my Asplund Writing blog this is the random pimpage blog)
Host – Kimi Alexandre

Writing Excuses – Fifteen minutes long because you’re in a hurry and (Something witty here). This is one of the first writing podcasts I actually sat down and listened to several episodes in row and basically because it’s a short cast I can listen to several of them during my commute and it tries to stay focused tightly on one topic with very little digression. You get different viewpoints on the creation process from two talented writers, and a webcomic writer / artist. It’s a fun listen with some good insight into different facets of the writing and publishing process.
Hosts – Brandon Sanderson (Taking over for Robert Jordon on Wheel of Time), Dan Wells, and Howard Taylor.

Edit – 12:06 PM CDT 7-21-2009
I remembered to post the urls but like a dumbass I forgot to make them hyperlinks to their respective sites this has now been corrected.

To Check out their work for yourself please visit their sites below


Let the Pimpage Begin

Now the creation of this blog is solely to pimp some very talented folks and the projects they’re working on.

I started doing random pimpage on twitter – and it is very hard to do to my standards in 140 characters or less.

Hence this Blog – Not a whole lot about me is going to end up here It’s mostly going to be authors / podcasters / entertainers that I feel need to have a spotlight shone their way.