Our FDO General Siglerisimo – Scott Sigler

P.G. Holyfield may have gotten me started listening to Podcast fiction but Sigler got me hooked. – So I’m guessing that Holyfield was my pot and Sigler was Heroin using that analogy….

Scott Sigler is what I truly look for in an author. He’s one of the best authors out there as far as I’m concerned. Stephen King prepare to be dethroned. Seriously Sigler pays great attention to detail, he does a good job of representing hard science in his fiction, there are likely a few points of contention that experts in the field will have but as far as the general layman reader it makes more than perfect sense. But what makes him one of the greats in my book (no pun intended) his ability to not only paint a scene you can almost reach out and touch, but to bring that emotion that the characters are feeling and infect you with it. In Nocturnal there is a scene early on with a gang of bullies picking on a kid. They do something pretty awful to the kid and I’m not going to spoil it here but when they did it… I felt it like I was there like it was happening to me. My brain told me that I was in pain, I dropped my ipod.

Sigler is a true hero too. In the midst of a lot of personal drama last year and early on this year he not only managed to publish 2 hardcover releases (one of which made the NY Times best sellers list) but podcast with only moderate delays and interruptions.

Sigler has a whole stable of Podcast fiction
Earthcore Freaky Aliens deep underground in the Utah badlands.
Ancestor – Genetics gone bad gone very bad – Currently being rewritten for release in hardcover for 2010 I believe through Crown – an imprint of Random House
The Rookie – He describes it as “Any Given Sunday meets the Godfather meets Star Wars I describe it as freaking awesome thought I wasn’t gonna like it because of the football, it actually made me semi interested in the sport I don’t find football nearly as irritating now – Soon to be in print self Published by the FDO preorder now and it shold be on your threshold on or damned close to NFL Season opening day.
Infected – Alien invasion from the inside – Formerly Infection – Released April 1st 2008 through Crown – an imprint of Random House
Contagious – Sequel to Infected – Infected was so well received that instead of a 2009 release they moved it up to December 2008 through Crown – an imprint of Random House
Nocturnal – Monsters stalk the streets of San Francisco – Too damned big to be released by Crown at this juncture – But Sigler is working on getting this one in print for us.
Bloodcast Season 1 and 2 – Short Fiction
The Crypt New Podcast fiction developed with help from other Authors / Podcasters – Basically I think this would equate to Scott Sigler’s imagining of how Battle Star Galactica or a dysfunctional Star Trek would be.

All in all I have no idea why the hell he isn’t a household name. Right now there are a fair number of podcast authors that are finally starting to get their due in print, and I think it’s a shame no screw that no thought involved I know it’s a shame. Which is why I started Random Pimpage in the first place. Too many awesome things out there that are not getting their proper due respect.

Scott Thank you for hours of entertainment and more than a few sleepless nights. (Especially after the Snipe Hunting short fiction in the Bloodcast season 1 and Eusocial Networking from J.C. Hutchins’s 7th Son Obsidian).

Bow down to the FDO and let them Plaid Tanks roll

Edit – 11:14 AM CDT 7-21-2009
Like a dumbass I forgot to post a link to Scott’s Website –

To check out Sigler’s work for yourself please visit http://www.scottsigler.com/


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  1. You are welcome! Thank you for such a raving review. Does my heart good to know I entertained you that much, and that you can see and appreciate all the wrench-time I put in to make sure the readers are happy.

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