P.G. Holyfield the man that drug me into my podcast fiction addiction.


That’s right P.G. Holyfield I blame you!!!! I Blame you for introducing me to a rich world of awesome content Fiction, and help with writing.

I started listening to podcasts actually by listening to the Dragon’s Landing Inn a gaming podcast that was pretty much the only podcast I listened to. They played a promo for Murder at Avedon Hill, I heard the promo a few times so I finally bit and gave it a listen and was hooked fairly early on.

I normally really don’t like Mystery stories they’re usually either too blatantly obvious or to convoluted and mire me in details that I really don’t give a flying fig about. I was very leery coming into Murder at Avedon Hill because it was a murder mystery. I was very pleasantly surprised within the first couple episodes and I forgot completely about it being a mystery and just got sucked in to the wonderful story telling and fantastic voice cast. I’ve prolly mentioned this before (and likely will again so get used to it)I have a three hour one way commute. P.G. along with many of the others that I’d be exposed to because of MaAH almost made my commute feel like it was over too soon.

I wasn’t in on MaAH from the start I got to it a few episodes in but I quickly caught up and sat staring at Itunes every couple days waiting for the next installment. I faithfully waited for the remainder of the 2 years that it took for MaAH to finish. Let me state this I’m an impatient person and usually if I have to wait I say fuck it it’s not worth it. P.G. managed to get to me so that I couldn’t say no, I couldn’t walk away “DAMN YOU HOLYFILED!!” became my cry after each episode because yes you got more info on A, B and C, but the groundwork was being laid for D, E, and F.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Murder at Avedon Hill – It’s a murder Mystery set in a fantasy world. The world and characters can quickly make you forget that you’re in a murder mystery and just suck you in. I gave it a second listen through just after it finished up so I could give the story a straight listen from start to finish and was still sucked in even though I already knew what was coming.

Through P.G. I was introduced to Scott Sigler from a story so far that Scott had did, I loved the ranting lunatic style so gave his stuff a listen to and it snowballed from there as I added J.C. Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Chris Lester, Nathan Lowell, Christiana Ellis, Phil Rossi ( I still blame Phil for scaring the crap out of my last ipod so badly with Crescent that it went into hiding), etc… to the pool of Podcast authors I listen to. I came to one of my favorite podcasts about writing fiction because of P.G. as well – The Dead Robots society. I started giving them a listen after seeing an update on P.G.’s facebook about how he had now joined the DRS crew hosting the podcast.

If it weren’t for P.G. I never would have been exposed to the vast sea of podcasts that I listen to now. I also never would have given audio fiction a second look.


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  1. It is very rare that someone starts with me (Thanks Chuck and Lonnie and the DLI podcast) and then moves on to the bigger names in podcast fiction. Maybe this will happen more often now that I've finally finished MaAH. :)Thanks for the wonderful blog post, Richard!

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