Zombie Noir… and I Like it

FETIDUS or Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural

Mixing Genres is something I like to do in my head I just find some of the combinations funny as all hell – One I never really thought of was Noir Detective stories and Zombie stories. Never in a million years, then again I usually don’t go too well for the Detective stories. However some do cross my path that I just can’t say no to. Recently I was turned – no pun intended – to notice FETIDUS by James Durham. I discovered it because of a promo for their evil laugh contest back in June that was coupled with a promo for the story – I downloaded it thinking I’d get to it eventually. (My Ipod was maxed out and had to clear some space) Then after my Ipod was stolen and I had to get a newer shinier larger capacity one, I immediately put it on and started listening on my next commute – And now I’m hooked.
Durham does an excellent job with the show – Which he not only wrote the prose for but does the music as well.

There can be a fair amount of time between episode drops but for a full voice cast with original music score no budget, or help I think he does a good job of delivering content. Plus the man has a family which he needs to spend time with and support, so I truly think he’s doing a hell of a job getting us content.

I do admit that I get a little grumpy when I’m waiting for content but it’s because I can’t wait. My wife has to hide Christmas presents at other people’s homes so I don’t sneak a look at them, but I fully understand and that just makes the next episode that much cooler.

You can find more of James Durham’s creative endeavors here at his personal site

The production quality of the FETIDUS podcast is very good, great voices, great acting, awesome music, and just the right amount of suspense.

normally I shy away from detective stories, I never really got into them, but even without the supernatural elements I’d dig FETIDUS though I guess it wouldn’t be quite the same it’s good story telling a fun ride and an awesome listen.

This will seem harsh to anyone that doesn’t already follow FETIDUS and James but he’ll get it and undersdtand.

Fuck You Durham ;D

and thank you for giving us Fetidus.


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