Sharing is damned cool – Especially with Nathan Lowell.

When I first heard about the series the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper I was like meh I’ll pass thank you. I am now kicking myself in the ass Daily. Nathan Lowell takes us on a journey that I never wanted to stop. The experiences of Ishmael Wang are captivating. Normally you think space you think blazing laser battles and strange new alien races. There is none of that, Nathan Lowell doesn’t need it. Solid storytelling, told from Ishmael’s point of view this is one of the best series I’ve listened to in my entire life without the flash and bang you get from most sci-fi. It’s a story of growth. I can’t wait to listen to Captain’s Share when it comes out.

It took hearing Nathan on the Dead Robots Society, before I gave him a listen which I’m kicking myself for, I heard the promos for his work for years and never gave it a second thought. however had I done listened sooner I’d have been jonesing longer for Captain’s Share the next leg of the series.

I have a policy with podcasts – I listen to four episodes and if I’m not hooked by the end of the fourth show I remove it from my list never to let it darken my day again. Nathan had me within the first page of his read. I listened to the Quarter Share up through Double Share inside of a week. I’ll likely wait until Captain’s share is complete on Podiobooks before downloading because it would drive me to distraction waiting for the next episode. Hell even when I have the entire thing I’m still driven to distraction until I can listen to my damned Ipod again to pick up where I left off.

20 years ago I never would have touched this novel at all. 20 years ago I was a self absorbed little prick who thought I knew what sci-fi meant. Thankfully I’ve grown the hell up, and gave this one a chance.

The Novels

The Share Series – For the lack of a better term….
Quarter Share
Half Share
Full Share
Double Share
Captains Share – Nathan is currently finishing

South Coast – Set in the same universe this novel deals with the Shamans of the South Coast not the adventures of Mr. Wang

More information about the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper can be found at:
You can follow Nathan on twitter @NLowell.
You can find the Podcast novels on Itunes and at


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  1. I'm SO gratified that so many people from all walks of life are enjoying my books.Thanks for the Random Pimpage, Ras.See ya on twitter 🙂

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