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It’s how you Rig the Game – Predestination Book 1

Lets get the Links out of the Way first –

Predestination at Podiobooks –

Lterary Abominations – the Home of JD Sawyer –

And you can find him on Twitter @DSawyer

Antithesis – Book 1 Predestination and Other Games of Chance – Yes it’s a mouth full  to say (and a hand full for a dyslexic to type Thank you spellcheckers) J Daniel Sawyer does a fantastic job of getting you hooked early.  He promised to have you hooked in four, he got me on the prequel short The Man in the Rain.  It did take me two attempts to get through the story but that was because my Ipod was stolen and it took me a while to be able to get another one then get back to the story.  It’s the kind of story where many threads are being woven throughout, and it very quickly becomes a wicked web that tangles you and won’t let go.  It’s a tale that I frankly find hard to describe.  More plot twists than a Soap Opera (and frankly a hell of a lot better… what so I’ve watched soaps… don’t judge me!!!), it’s an Edge of your seat if you don’t have a seat you better damn well get one before you tip over intrigue.  Dan does a hell of a job sucking you in and keeping your attention.   This is not a story I recommend listening to if you have to concentrate on something like work, homework, driving, piloting a plane, open heart surgery because you will miss something… like an airport (I think that’s what really happened to those pilots – “Hey COPILOT let’s fly around a little longer I want to see how this episode ends… dammit well one more episode won’t hurt” 150 miles later they get busted.  Hey they had laptops with them….)  Dan has made himself another author that I don’t want to listen to until the story is done because I hate the wait to find out what happens next.

I’m not a scholar I’m just a goof with a viking helmet some free time and an opinion.  This is a story worth listening too.  Fair warning, there are some scenes that are hard to listen to because of content.  There was an attack that left me kinda stunned.  It’s not something I was expecting, and the actress did a GREAT job making you think she was really being attacked.  The actors did a hell of a job making this one of the best Podcasts I listened to in 2009.  If you listen at work with only one earbud in (and I suggest not listening over speakers at work, nor around kids) make sure you convert it to mono first or you will literally miss half the story as it’s produced in stereo – great effects that draw you into the story.  You can almost really believe you’re in the locations.

Currently Dan is releasing 2 podcast fiction pieces – Down from 10 and Free Will book 2 of the Antithesis Progression.  More on those when they finish and I have a chance to listen to them.


Worthy Cause Tuesdays

Right Now there are 2 Worthy causes that come to mid her ein our own podcasting community that is the The Trust for Sonic Boom / The Boom Effect, and the Legal Defense Fund to Help SVAllie with her legal costs from her custody battle to keep the EP (Elf Princess) with her.  Links provided below.

But there are a lot of causes out there that we don’t see, children that need a transplant families effected by disaster, and nations effected by even larger disasters.   Take a moment today and pray or send positive thoughts / energy (whatever your “thing” is) and if you got a spare dime chip it in to help a cause, or better yet donate some time to help a cause along or even a shoulder or an ear to someone that is effected by a tragedy.  Hit me up at with the Subject Tuesday Cause if you have a cause you want / need me to pimp.  There are plenty of people out there that need a hand, not just a hand out.  See who you can help today.

Because my HTML Fu is not all that and I think because doesn’t play nice with the ChipIn Widget I’ll provide links to the pages for the EP Legal Defense fund and the SB Trust and the link for the BoomEffect Auction site.  Anyone that wants to help me become better at HMTL – or Interviewing – or anything in general drop me a line we’ll talk…well type…

Help out if you can if not with a few $$$ with some encouragement, prayer, or time. /

8 Questions with J.C. Hutchins

I managed to distract one of the hardest working movers and shakers in podcasting J.C Hutchins long enough to get answers to another round of 8 Questions.

1 ) You are the hardest self marketer I have ever met (well met virtually).  What instilled that work / pimpage ethic in you?

Watching my father. After my folks divorced when I was a kid, my sister and I spent most of our time living with my dad. He worked three jobs to keep us fed, and the lights on. It taught me the value of hard work.

2 ) The Ultimate Steel Cage Podcaster Deathmatch – Who do you see competing and who do you see winning?

Since it’s the Ultimate Steel Cage Deathmatch, I reckon only the most brilliant and popular podcasters would compete — true trailblazing powerhouses such as Leo Laporte, the Ask A Ninja ninja, Keith and the Girl, the Diggnation guys, etc.  I have boundless admiration for these peeps, but the Ask A Ninja ninja would emerge victorious. Because he’s a ninja.

3 ) You and Matt F’n Wallace collaborated on a piece for a Personal Effects: Sword of Blood Giveaway and you and Matthew Wayne Selznick Collaborated on Anyman: The John Smith E.P.- Any other Collaborations in the future that you can tell us about, and are there any collaborations that you’d like to take part in?

Yep, you’ll see more collaborations from me in 2010. Nope, I can’t breathe a word about them right now. As for collaborations I’d like to take part in: Sure, if the compensation is equitable. Pay me enough and I’ll write whatever you want!

4 ) You started out in journalism.  What caused you to step away from mainstream journalism into the realm of podcast journalism and podcast fiction? – Or Basically How did you get into Podcasting?

I didn’t leave journalism to embrace new media. Podcasting as we know it didn’t exist back in 2002! I left the print j-biz because I saw that the industry was imploding. I also wanted to have the creative energy to write my book, 7th Son. I switched careers, and snagged a gig that was less creatively demanding during business hours. I wrote the book at home.

5 ) What was your first reaction to 7th Son being Optioned for a Motion Picture? And speaking of the option how’s that going?

That deal was in the works for a long time; by the time the ink was dry, I was more relieved than anything else. But it was very exciting! I don’t have news about the movie, other than that it is “in development,” and a script is being written. When I learn more, my fans will be the first to know.

6 ) What was your worst Fanboy / FanGirl moment – Both from the viewpoint of you as a fanboy, and then you as the object of fanboydom / fangirldom?

I can’t think of any, honestly. All the fans I’ve personally met have been kind and gracious. They rule.

7 ) Any Guilty Childish pleasures that you still indulge in Footie PJs   or a big bowl of sugary cereal to get your day started?

Caffeine and nicotine are my guilty pleasures..

8 ) When did you start writing and Why?  Do you remember that “1st” story?

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. I love telling stories! I can’t remember by “first” story, but I do have vivid memories of writing my own Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid. Even then, I was interested in new ways to tell stories!

** For those that don’t know who J.C. Hutchins is… how the hell do you know who I am but not him???  Really he’s J.C. Hutchins – Author of Personal Effects: Dark Art and 7th Son Descent (book one of a trilogy) Both in print go buy them now they are kickass keep you on the edge of your seat if you don’t have a seat get one or you’ll tip the hell over novels.  He is the hardest working mover and shaker I’ve seen as far as marketing Podcast Fiction.

Hutchins Search at Podiobooks .com

JC Hutchins’s Website

Also Mentioned in this Podcast

Matt Fucking Wallace – Last line of Defense against the Ninja Invasion – a dose of Matt Fucking Wallace a day keeps the Ninjas away –

And Let’s not forget to mention the Musical Voice of John Smith Matthew Wayne Selznik another great Writer/ Musician  –


I Declare Tomorrow Friday, 1-22-2010 the 1st annual Hug a Special Child day. So far this year I’ve seen too much negative things come across my plate dealing with kids – losing Parents, nasty custody battles, abuse, bullying, I’m done listening to bad things happening to kids for now. Friday 1-22-2010 be sure to hug the children in your life and tell them how much they mean to you. Life’s way to damned short and we don’t do this nearly as often as we should. Hell maybe I’ll just start making the second to last Friday of the month Child Appreciation day.

Another call for aid for friends

More friends in dire straits that can use support both moral and fiscal.  In short a friend is in a legal battle to keep her child that is beginning to turn ugly and get costly.  If you can spare a  moment of prayer or a little money please check out the link above that can explain the situation better than I can.

Rising from the ashes….

Hey playing with fireworks next to a gas line can cause issues who knew?

But seriously I’ve had some Hard Drive issues mine is a paperweight so Until I can get some of the things I was planning on reviewing downloaded on my old clunker of a laptop and or a replacement drive and my current laptop back up and limping (I’m not that aarogant to think that any of my computers can “run with all the crap I put them through) this spot may be a little bare….  I have to find my notes for my 8 Qs, and get the next one posted up – I should be able to get this done today or tomorrow depending on work and fam – Hey 2 teens a toddler and a wife need a LOT of attention… so do the cat and the dog and they just take it… Cesar Milan take me away….

I’m not getting lazy… I already am lazy… er I mean I’ll get more content up here as soon as I possibly can – in the meantime remember to chip in for SB’s trust ,and support the Boom Effect Auction (There is some seriously freaking cool stuff over there)

You guys are awesome, keep the love alive.

I’m reminded of the words of a very wise man that once said to me, “Look freak do you NOT understand the meaning of the words RESTRAINING ORDER?  Get the hell away from me.”  Dad was always such a kidder, if anyone spots him tell him I said Hi.

The PodioSphere in general.

We take a break from our normally smart assed position on the world in general to bring you a moment of seriousness.


This weeks Random Pimpage is going to take a different tack than I had originally planned instead of a review of a podcaster’s work I’ve decided to make an observation of the podioshphere that makes me proud to be among you all.

I’d like to pimp the community for a moment if I may.  Last week Tee Morris had a family tragedy occur and the community stepped up and kicked ass to Help out Tee and Sonic Boom his young daughter after the sudden passing of Tee’s Wife Natalie.  Philippa Ballentine and others sprang into action to help set up trusts for Sonic Boom’s future.  At the time of this posting the Chip In Amount is $17,237.13.   That is amazing.   There is a Online Auction set for Feb 27th in an effort to raise more funds.  Keep that date in Mind and visit often for updates and Lots to be auctioned.

The outpouring I’ve seen for Tee and SB during this tragedy has really moved me to see that many people give that huge an outpouring of love to a man like Tee Morris.  Podcasters, and listeners alike started posting and chipping in to try to raise awareness of Tee’s situation.

I really wish the rest of the world could take a cue form the podcast community and have that much love and compassion for each other when we each reach out time of need.  Tee and SB will likely need prayers warm thoughts, and shoulders to lean /cry on and ears and hearts to listen to help them through this.  I don’t need to ask that you keep them in your prayers and thoughts but I’m going to say it anyway.  Please keep Tee and SB in your prayers and thoughts as they try to heal from this loss.

And Tee if you ever need anything, I may be a faceless stranger (well not that faceless I post my actual pic everywhere I post) let me know and I’ll do what I can for ya Captain.

Thank you all for restoring a little of this cynics faith in his fellow mankind (and womankind for those that demand gender equality in generalized statements.)

8 Questions with Ryan E Stevenson of DRS

When I put out the call for those willing to give my experiment on Random Pimpage a chance I had 2 takers contact me at pretty much the same time.  Here is Part 2 of my inaugural attempt at 8 Questions.  Our second guest is Ryan E Stevenson of the Dead Robots Society Podcast.
Ryan chose the 8 Random Questions from me. Here’s what I came up with and his responses –

1 ) Who would you like to meet in a steel Cage match – and Why – And would you cheat?

How ironic, since I was just reading about the Iron Shiek and what a jackass he is. But that’s not my guy. Vince Schlomo. And yes, because it wouldn’t be about winning, it’d be about whoopin’. I’d SlapChop his ass.

2 ) How did you get into Podcasting?

I was a member of a message board for the Tech For Writers podcast. Someone there was also a member of the I Should Be Writing podcast message boards, and was present when Justin Macumber mentioned that he wanted to create his own show. This friend advised me of the opening, so I applied. It was me n’ J-Rock, and a handful of other people. At first, I was recording with a logitec stick mic that was super quiet. I almost had to put the mic in my mouth (literally) to be heard. Today, I record off of a TUBEMP USB Tube Pream through an Audio Technica mic … my, how the times have changed …

3 ) Who are your Top 8 Favorite Authors and the works that put them on your list?

Yikes! I hate more authors than I love …

Michael Crichton, for “Prey”. I hate the nanite convention, but I think he did wonders with it.
Stephen King, for any Gunslinger book after the first. It’s King, c’mon …
Cormac McCarthy, for “The Road”. No quotes, no chapter breaks, no problem finishing it. Fastest read through I’ve ever done on a book.
J.R.R. Tolkein, for … well … guess …
R.A. Salvatore, for “The Halfling’s Gem”. I have a soft spot for that book, because it was one of the first ones I ever read.
Orson Scott Card, for “Ender’s Game”. Sweetness. Changed Science Fiction for me.
William Gibson, for “Neuromancer” … feels wierd saying that, because I don’t really like the book, but I like what the book did, and how it did it. I think he changed a genre, big time.
Joss Whedon, for his run on X-Men … yeah, I hated the “Beast is a cat-man” thing, but this really pushed the X-Men back onto the top of a shortened reading list for me.

4 ) You’re also a musician – How many instruments do you play do you sing as well? What style of music do you prefer to play?

Ah, music … I started my musical career playing Trombone in a jazz band at school. Then we needed a Tuba player, so I switched to that. Then we needed a Baritone player, so I switched to that … But that’s not the good story …

I was hanging out with some friends who wanted to start a band. One guy played bass, and one guy sang, and his girlfriend played guitar. That left drums. So I said “I’d play drums”, but only because I wanted to be a part of it. I went home, and told my parents, expecting them to laugh. They didn’t; they put me in the car, and drove me to Bud Monahan’s, and I bought a set of Westbury drums. Played them for years and years and years. All self-taught.

But that’s not your question. I should answer your question. I play drums, bass, and guitar. I sing, but my allergies mean I probably couldn’t lead a band. I’m a grunge guy through n’ through. Give me my Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains … that’s my stuff. I’m in to hard rock / metal as well, but not screamo. I’m not a huge fan of classical rock, and I don’t have a soft spot for rap.

5 ) Why the Frohawk?

Why not?

The Frohawk started as a tradition. Every summer, we’d get together at the lead singer’s cottage (or “cautage”, as we called it) to party. Since it was a long weekend, and it was just the bros, it was heavy drinking, heavy rock and roll, paint ball guns and cigars. I mean, yeah, it was a cottage, but it was in the middle of nowhere, and really we just brought steaks, beer, whiskey, and “supplies”. So naturally, in the spirit of excess, a friend of mine and I shaved hawks into our hair. Now, I have curly and “froish” hair, so it couldn’t be called a mowhawk. It was a Frohawk. And the term stuck.

I can’t keep the Frohawk for business reasons, but it makes an annual reappearance, even if the cottage parties don’t happen any more …  I think that this year, the venue for Frohawk 2010 will be moved to DragonCon.

6 ) Will the Dead Robots ever let you live down looking at your watch crossing the street instead of the topless chick? (My wife gives you major props for respecting your wife on that one btw)

Absolutely not, but I can take it. I’m a lot of things, but the biggest thing I am is “steak and potatoes”. I like my beer, I like my rock with the distortion turned on, and when it comes to city streets during jazz concerts, I like my women wearing shirts. Yeah, it’s not against the law in Canada for a woman to go topless, but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s the principle of the thing. Plus, while I tend to be able to think pretty quickly on my feet, I can’t when it comes to such matters. I’m much more prone to “avoid” than “confront”. So faking looking at my watch was the right thing to do. Now that I’ve had so much time to think about it … yeah, I’d do it again. That’s how I roll.

They can mock me for it all they want. As I always do, I’ll get my revenge.

7 ) When did you start writing and Why?  Do you remember that “1st” story?

This is another tough one. Good questions!

Technically, I started writing when I was about 12. My friend was an aspiring comic guru, but he couldn’t draw. I could (I actually was going to go to art school to be a comic book artist, but I chose a steady paycheque instead), so I drew his characters for him. As creators are prone to do, I got sick of doing just his stuff, so I did my own. My first “piece” was a list of character biographies and stories for my incredibly complicated and yet wholly rudimentary universe, called the Zipper Comics Universe. It was 52 pages of printer paper!

I wrote for years, but always to supplant my other hobbies. I wrote lyrics for the band, I wrote poems for my wife and friends, I wrote stories for my roleplaying games. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me until Podcasting that I had been doing that one thing all along, when other hobbies came and went.

So I “returned” to writing with a short story contest to the Tech for Writers podcast. I won the contest, and the ego boost is still sustaining me these three years later. 😉

8 ) If you could trade lives with any one fictional character who would you choose and why?

Hmm … so many options come to mind.

I almost want to say Murdoch from the A-Team. He was crazy, but he wasn’t. He knew what he was doing all along. The crazy was just a show that got him attention, but also got him out of a lot of scrapes. And he was clearly a confident dude. And he could hold his own in a fight, but when things got rough, he had BA to do the fighting. Or when things got tense, he had Face to do the talking. Or when things needed to be decided, he had Hannibal to make the choices. I mean, really, Murdoch’s only responsibility was to do the whacky shit that no one else would do, and even then, it was only because he was more extraverted than the rest. So here he is, this loony toon, driving around the country in a van making bad-ass dollars, and all he was doing was the stuff that no one else could be bothered to do, not the stuff they couldn’t do. He was “capable comic relief”.

Sounds like a good gig to me, all things considered.

**Okay since some of the questions have more than one part technically this is more than 8 questions but meh…..

Bonus Questions – You don’t have to answer these but you can if you want.
b1 ) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Apparently, it’s 11 meters per second. How the hell is that on Google? How the hell does it have 45,600 results?

… oh … I see … 😉

b2 ) 42 is the answer but what is the question?

What is the answer to the question in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Seriously, I sometimes think that’s what Mr. Adams thought the answer to that question really was …

b3 ) If at first you don’t succeed _____________ (fill in the Blank)

have a beer, consider what you did that went wrong, then do the opposite.

Ryan is a regular Host on the Dead Robots Society Podcast for Writers – and can be found on twitter as @RyanEStevenson.  Ryan is a funny and smart guy who is currently working on his novels.  I believe his first is in edits and he’s working on his second. Looking forward to reading his novels once he’s ready to submit them and a Publisher is ready to print them.

Mini Pimping the All Father – Odin.

I originally came across this guy calling himself Odin1Eye on twitter because of several of the podcasters I follow.  Humorous half exchanges and retweets flooded my feed so I figured I had to follow him on twitter and havent’ regretted it since.  Not only is a fun guy to chat with over teh webz (as opposed to a fungi – That would be someone that’s irritating but grows on you.. kinda like me….) but he’s a generally great guy in general.  He is a very wise and insightful man – helps that he sacrificed an eye for that wisdom – (those that don’t get the reference learn some Norse Mythology there’s more than Thor and his hammer)

His Blog which often features very well thought out reviews – View from Valhalla –

You can find him on Twitter –

What do you want to see in Random Pimpage

Okay  folks I’m looking to you my viewers to see what you want to see out of Random Pimpage.