New Feature – 8 Questions with (Insert Podcaster / Writer Here)

I am a lazy and poor interviewer so to work on those skills I’m Launching an Experiment here on Random Pimpage. 8 Questions. Because I’m a lousy interviewer I thought up a different format to interview questions partially to help me learn to be a better interviewer nad partially because they just seem fun. I have three different formats of 8 Questions. You can choose the format that you want. (or you can choose to do multiple formats or even mix and match I’m easy that way…. just don’t tell my wife)

Formats –
1) 8 Questions to Never Ask. – Questions that interviewers / fans ask that they really shouldn’t – Answers to questions are not expected because well they are to questions that are annoying / bad – but Explanation as to why you feel it’s a bad question can be enlightening.

2) 8 Questions that you never get asked that you wish interviewers / fans would ask. – And answers.

or 3) 8 completely random questions from me. Anything from random trivia to “normal” interview questions.

You can choose a single format or we can do any combination of formats if you wish to participate.

Best way you can get in touch with me is via Twitter @Rasplundjr or you can send me email at
You can also try the following with slightly less success – Yahoo AIM MSN Skype I use the name rasplundjr EVERYWHERE… And of course you can always leave a comment here at Random Pimpage.

Looking forward to interro… er interviewing you yeah interviewing….


About rasplundjr

Smart Alec Family Man, Helpdesk Geek, Wannabe Writer, Wannabe Podcaster, Not a guru just a guy, Viking Wannabe, and Irreverent Critic

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