8 Questions – Victim.. er Guest 1 – Kimi Alexandre

When I put out the call for those willing to give my experiment on Random Pimpage a chance I had 2 takers contact me at pretty much the same time… (Sorry Ryan but Ladies first your answers will be up in a couple days.) Our first guest is the lovely and talented Kimi Alexandre of the Tale Chasing podcast for writers and the Guardians Podcast Novel.

Kimi chose the 8 Random Questions from me. Here’s what I came up with and her responses –

1 ) What was the worst trouble you got into as a child?

LOL. That I got caught for or just the worst trouble I ever got into? I was such a square, “good” kid. So many ways to answer this question. The worst thing I did that I got in trouble for had to have been talking on the phone too much and running up a huge bill. I ended up having to pay my mom off with a CD player the guy I’d been talking to bought me and got my phone taken away for a period of time.

I only yelled and disobeyed my mom once and that was to leave the house to go see my boyfriend who’d just broken up with me. Stalker much? LOL

2 ) How did you get into Podcasting?

Early in 2007 I helped with Podcamp NYC. I ended up being part of the video team and I went around and interviewed a bunch of the sponsors. You’d think that would lead to video casting but since it was about podcasting I got to hear a lot of great panels on how to do a podcast. Once I decided I wanted to do my own podcast it took me a few months to figure out the best cast to run. I tried my hand at 3 different ones at the same time and TaleChasing is the one that took off. The three were a bdsm/sex podcast, a tarot podcast, and then my writing/urban fantasy cast.

3 ) Who are your Top 8 Favorite Authors and the works that put them on your list?

Laurell K Hamilton: The whole Anita Blake Series
Kim Harrison: Rachel Morgan Series
Lyda Morehouse: The Archangel Series
Jenna Black: Morgan Kingsly series
Larissa Ione: Demonica Series
Stephen R. Donaldson – The Gap Series
Kat Richardson – The Greywalker Series
Jim Butcher – Dresden Series

4 ) What is your favorite Decadent indulgence?

Going to the all day spa and getting a massage. There is a great one just outside of NYC where you can spend all day in whirlpools, saunas, etc for 35 bucks. The massages are extra. They even have sushi to eat for lunch so that’s an extra bonus.

5 ) Why Urban Fantasy? Are there any other genres you like to work in?

I have always loved supernatural and paranormal things. So urban fantasy really fills that love for me. I do like some scifi but I tend to like stories that are not that far off in the future. Books like Diamond Age and Lyda Morehouse’s books that deal with the net and nanotech, and AIs. 🙂

I could maybe write in the scifi genre like I mentioned above and maybe paranormal romance but that’s all I’d do.

6 ) What Author / Podcaster are you looking forward to working with most in regards to voice acting?

I would love to be a character in something Scott Sigler writes when it comes to podcast fiction. If I could be a voice actress in an author’s book I’d love for it to be Larissa Ione and her Demonica Series. If you are asking what podcaster I would like to do voice work with…it would be fun to work with Tee Morris.

7 ) When did you start writing and Why? Do you remember that “1st” story?

I started writing fairly young. In 7th grade it won me friends I’d lost in 6th grade. The first thing I really remember writing was around 11 I think. I wrote a “news article” about me winning the Miss America Pagent. LOL After that my mom signed me up for a writing program by mail.

8 ) What was you favorite childhood cartoon and has it influenced your Voice Acting / Writing / Podcasting?

The one I remember the most of Dungeons and Dragons. I know I watched more then that but I can’t think of anything right now.
Cartoons didn’t really influence my urge to be a voice actor. I didn’t even realize it was something I could do or would be good at until I found out about podcasting and podcast books.

** Okay since some of the questions have more than one part technically that is more than 8 questions but meh….. It’s my corner of the web if you want to nitpick go somewhere else.

And She also was kind enough to answer some Bonus Questions that are just plain silliness –

b1) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

This site will tell you all you need to know. It’s too much math for me. 😛 http://www.style.org/unladenswallow/

b2) 42 is the answer but what is the question?

Heh. That’s another ultimate math question. 😛

b3) If at first you don’t succeed _____________ (fill in the Blank)

Beat someone until they tell you you did. LOL

Thanks Kimi for Playing along. Please Check out her podcasts – Kimi can be found on the web at

The Tale Chasing Website – http://www.talechasing.com/

The Guardians Novel Site http://www.guardiansnovel.com/

She’s also on Twitter under @Talechasing and as @KimiDreams


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  1. Brenda.Wamsley

    This is great! Keep it up. I can't wait to read the next one.

  2. Hehe. Thanks for having me as the first vic..guest! I had a ton of fun and I love answering questions so you can always hit me up!

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