8 Questions with Ryan E Stevenson of DRS

When I put out the call for those willing to give my experiment on Random Pimpage a chance I had 2 takers contact me at pretty much the same time.  Here is Part 2 of my inaugural attempt at 8 Questions.  Our second guest is Ryan E Stevenson of the Dead Robots Society Podcast.
Ryan chose the 8 Random Questions from me. Here’s what I came up with and his responses –

1 ) Who would you like to meet in a steel Cage match – and Why – And would you cheat?

How ironic, since I was just reading about the Iron Shiek and what a jackass he is. But that’s not my guy. Vince Schlomo. And yes, because it wouldn’t be about winning, it’d be about whoopin’. I’d SlapChop his ass.

2 ) How did you get into Podcasting?

I was a member of a message board for the Tech For Writers podcast. Someone there was also a member of the I Should Be Writing podcast message boards, and was present when Justin Macumber mentioned that he wanted to create his own show. This friend advised me of the opening, so I applied. It was me n’ J-Rock, and a handful of other people. At first, I was recording with a logitec stick mic that was super quiet. I almost had to put the mic in my mouth (literally) to be heard. Today, I record off of a TUBEMP USB Tube Pream through an Audio Technica mic … my, how the times have changed …

3 ) Who are your Top 8 Favorite Authors and the works that put them on your list?

Yikes! I hate more authors than I love …

Michael Crichton, for “Prey”. I hate the nanite convention, but I think he did wonders with it.
Stephen King, for any Gunslinger book after the first. It’s King, c’mon …
Cormac McCarthy, for “The Road”. No quotes, no chapter breaks, no problem finishing it. Fastest read through I’ve ever done on a book.
J.R.R. Tolkein, for … well … guess …
R.A. Salvatore, for “The Halfling’s Gem”. I have a soft spot for that book, because it was one of the first ones I ever read.
Orson Scott Card, for “Ender’s Game”. Sweetness. Changed Science Fiction for me.
William Gibson, for “Neuromancer” … feels wierd saying that, because I don’t really like the book, but I like what the book did, and how it did it. I think he changed a genre, big time.
Joss Whedon, for his run on X-Men … yeah, I hated the “Beast is a cat-man” thing, but this really pushed the X-Men back onto the top of a shortened reading list for me.

4 ) You’re also a musician – How many instruments do you play do you sing as well? What style of music do you prefer to play?

Ah, music … I started my musical career playing Trombone in a jazz band at school. Then we needed a Tuba player, so I switched to that. Then we needed a Baritone player, so I switched to that … But that’s not the good story …

I was hanging out with some friends who wanted to start a band. One guy played bass, and one guy sang, and his girlfriend played guitar. That left drums. So I said “I’d play drums”, but only because I wanted to be a part of it. I went home, and told my parents, expecting them to laugh. They didn’t; they put me in the car, and drove me to Bud Monahan’s, and I bought a set of Westbury drums. Played them for years and years and years. All self-taught.

But that’s not your question. I should answer your question. I play drums, bass, and guitar. I sing, but my allergies mean I probably couldn’t lead a band. I’m a grunge guy through n’ through. Give me my Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains … that’s my stuff. I’m in to hard rock / metal as well, but not screamo. I’m not a huge fan of classical rock, and I don’t have a soft spot for rap.

5 ) Why the Frohawk?

Why not?

The Frohawk started as a tradition. Every summer, we’d get together at the lead singer’s cottage (or “cautage”, as we called it) to party. Since it was a long weekend, and it was just the bros, it was heavy drinking, heavy rock and roll, paint ball guns and cigars. I mean, yeah, it was a cottage, but it was in the middle of nowhere, and really we just brought steaks, beer, whiskey, and “supplies”. So naturally, in the spirit of excess, a friend of mine and I shaved hawks into our hair. Now, I have curly and “froish” hair, so it couldn’t be called a mowhawk. It was a Frohawk. And the term stuck.

I can’t keep the Frohawk for business reasons, but it makes an annual reappearance, even if the cottage parties don’t happen any more …  I think that this year, the venue for Frohawk 2010 will be moved to DragonCon.

6 ) Will the Dead Robots ever let you live down looking at your watch crossing the street instead of the topless chick? (My wife gives you major props for respecting your wife on that one btw)

Absolutely not, but I can take it. I’m a lot of things, but the biggest thing I am is “steak and potatoes”. I like my beer, I like my rock with the distortion turned on, and when it comes to city streets during jazz concerts, I like my women wearing shirts. Yeah, it’s not against the law in Canada for a woman to go topless, but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s the principle of the thing. Plus, while I tend to be able to think pretty quickly on my feet, I can’t when it comes to such matters. I’m much more prone to “avoid” than “confront”. So faking looking at my watch was the right thing to do. Now that I’ve had so much time to think about it … yeah, I’d do it again. That’s how I roll.

They can mock me for it all they want. As I always do, I’ll get my revenge.

7 ) When did you start writing and Why?  Do you remember that “1st” story?

This is another tough one. Good questions!

Technically, I started writing when I was about 12. My friend was an aspiring comic guru, but he couldn’t draw. I could (I actually was going to go to art school to be a comic book artist, but I chose a steady paycheque instead), so I drew his characters for him. As creators are prone to do, I got sick of doing just his stuff, so I did my own. My first “piece” was a list of character biographies and stories for my incredibly complicated and yet wholly rudimentary universe, called the Zipper Comics Universe. It was 52 pages of printer paper!

I wrote for years, but always to supplant my other hobbies. I wrote lyrics for the band, I wrote poems for my wife and friends, I wrote stories for my roleplaying games. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me until Podcasting that I had been doing that one thing all along, when other hobbies came and went.

So I “returned” to writing with a short story contest to the Tech for Writers podcast. I won the contest, and the ego boost is still sustaining me these three years later. 😉

8 ) If you could trade lives with any one fictional character who would you choose and why?

Hmm … so many options come to mind.

I almost want to say Murdoch from the A-Team. He was crazy, but he wasn’t. He knew what he was doing all along. The crazy was just a show that got him attention, but also got him out of a lot of scrapes. And he was clearly a confident dude. And he could hold his own in a fight, but when things got rough, he had BA to do the fighting. Or when things got tense, he had Face to do the talking. Or when things needed to be decided, he had Hannibal to make the choices. I mean, really, Murdoch’s only responsibility was to do the whacky shit that no one else would do, and even then, it was only because he was more extraverted than the rest. So here he is, this loony toon, driving around the country in a van making bad-ass dollars, and all he was doing was the stuff that no one else could be bothered to do, not the stuff they couldn’t do. He was “capable comic relief”.

Sounds like a good gig to me, all things considered.

**Okay since some of the questions have more than one part technically this is more than 8 questions but meh…..

Bonus Questions – You don’t have to answer these but you can if you want.
b1 ) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Apparently, it’s 11 meters per second. How the hell is that on Google? How the hell does it have 45,600 results?

… oh … I see … 😉

b2 ) 42 is the answer but what is the question?

What is the answer to the question in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Seriously, I sometimes think that’s what Mr. Adams thought the answer to that question really was …

b3 ) If at first you don’t succeed _____________ (fill in the Blank)

have a beer, consider what you did that went wrong, then do the opposite.

Ryan is a regular Host on the Dead Robots Society Podcast for Writers – http://deadrobotssociety.com/ and can be found on twitter as @RyanEStevenson.  Ryan is a funny and smart guy who is currently working on his novels.  I believe his first is in edits and he’s working on his second. Looking forward to reading his novels once he’s ready to submit them and a Publisher is ready to print them.


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