Rising from the ashes….

Hey playing with fireworks next to a gas line can cause issues who knew?

But seriously I’ve had some Hard Drive issues mine is a paperweight so Until I can get some of the things I was planning on reviewing downloaded on my old clunker of a laptop and or a replacement drive and my current laptop back up and limping (I’m not that aarogant to think that any of my computers can “run with all the crap I put them through) this spot may be a little bare….  I have to find my notes for my 8 Qs, and get the next one posted up – I should be able to get this done today or tomorrow depending on work and fam – Hey 2 teens a toddler and a wife need a LOT of attention… so do the cat and the dog and they just take it… Cesar Milan take me away….

I’m not getting lazy… I already am lazy… er I mean I’ll get more content up here as soon as I possibly can – in the meantime remember to chip in for SB’s trust http://is.gd/6K4M4 ,and support the Boom Effect Auction http://www.theboomeffect.org/ (There is some seriously freaking cool stuff over there)

You guys are awesome, keep the love alive.

I’m reminded of the words of a very wise man that once said to me, “Look freak do you NOT understand the meaning of the words RESTRAINING ORDER?  Get the hell away from me.”  Dad was always such a kidder, if anyone spots him tell him I said Hi.


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Smart Alec Family Man, Helpdesk Geek, Wannabe Writer, Wannabe Podcaster, Not a guru just a guy, Viking Wannabe, and Irreverent Critic

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