It’s how you Rig the Game – Predestination Book 1

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Predestination at Podiobooks –

Lterary Abominations – the Home of JD Sawyer –

And you can find him on Twitter @DSawyer

Antithesis – Book 1 Predestination and Other Games of Chance – Yes it’s a mouth full  to say (and a hand full for a dyslexic to type Thank you spellcheckers) J Daniel Sawyer does a fantastic job of getting you hooked early.  He promised to have you hooked in four, he got me on the prequel short The Man in the Rain.  It did take me two attempts to get through the story but that was because my Ipod was stolen and it took me a while to be able to get another one then get back to the story.  It’s the kind of story where many threads are being woven throughout, and it very quickly becomes a wicked web that tangles you and won’t let go.  It’s a tale that I frankly find hard to describe.  More plot twists than a Soap Opera (and frankly a hell of a lot better… what so I’ve watched soaps… don’t judge me!!!), it’s an Edge of your seat if you don’t have a seat you better damn well get one before you tip over intrigue.  Dan does a hell of a job sucking you in and keeping your attention.   This is not a story I recommend listening to if you have to concentrate on something like work, homework, driving, piloting a plane, open heart surgery because you will miss something… like an airport (I think that’s what really happened to those pilots – “Hey COPILOT let’s fly around a little longer I want to see how this episode ends… dammit well one more episode won’t hurt” 150 miles later they get busted.  Hey they had laptops with them….)  Dan has made himself another author that I don’t want to listen to until the story is done because I hate the wait to find out what happens next.

I’m not a scholar I’m just a goof with a viking helmet some free time and an opinion.  This is a story worth listening too.  Fair warning, there are some scenes that are hard to listen to because of content.  There was an attack that left me kinda stunned.  It’s not something I was expecting, and the actress did a GREAT job making you think she was really being attacked.  The actors did a hell of a job making this one of the best Podcasts I listened to in 2009.  If you listen at work with only one earbud in (and I suggest not listening over speakers at work, nor around kids) make sure you convert it to mono first or you will literally miss half the story as it’s produced in stereo – great effects that draw you into the story.  You can almost really believe you’re in the locations.

Currently Dan is releasing 2 podcast fiction pieces – Down from 10 and Free Will book 2 of the Antithesis Progression.  More on those when they finish and I have a chance to listen to them.


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