8 Questions Reversal

Okay First 7 People to  Comment to this post Will get to each ask me 8 Random Questions. “Whoa why 7 don’t you do things in 8s?” you ask – Because Odin Suggested it he’s the first one to fire me 8 Questions.


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  1. Oh I need to do this!! 😀 K

  2. 1: Who are you and what have you done with my Iguana?

    2: is it just me or is Cog Antonello hawt?!

    3: Can you recomend a good place from which to rent a singularity at a reasonable price?

    4: should Garfield be electrocuted, beheaded, hanged, or buried alive?

    5: given that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, is there any chance that David Guilmore will ever tour the U.S. Now that Rick Wright is dead?

    6: Why 42 and not 7 or 1066?

    7: Is there any truth to the rumor that Barak Obama will admit his foreign birth at the end of his administration just to set the precedent for Arnold Schwartzebooger to run for POTUS?

    8: Should I quit driving a truck for a living and start building my custom car and aeroplane?

  3. Yes please. I’ll have a helping.

  4. Commented. Now what to ask?

  5. Holy Crap I didn’t expect that kind of response so fast.

  6. you know what they say…ask and ye shall receive….

    1: belly button..inny or outie?
    2: cheese whiz or whipped cream?
    3: clouds or unicorns?
    4: stranded on desert island…have battery powered dvd player and one season of lost washes ashore….irony or destiny?
    5: if you were a cartoon character how much would you be paid?
    6: do you know where my left argyle sock is?[hint] I’ve looked in the dryer already.
    7: what do you think about passing a law that says everyone must wear bunny costumes on random wednesdays in February during the full moon?

  7. I’m in. If it’s still open

  8. Ah…8: Favorite make out song of all time? Or favorite stripper song…your choice…


    • That is so funny… My wife and both her sisters have stripper names… I mean their parents named them Stripper names from birth – not on purpose but still funny.

  9. Okay Those that haven’t posted their questions can do it here or in Email I’ll Answer Everything and Post it over the weekend.

    Posting here in the comments will likely be easier as then you’ll know if something has been asked and you won’t waste a question

  10. 1) What was your first computer?
    2) What do you fear most?
    3) What is the highest height you’ve ever climbed under your own power?
    4) Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    5) What one song sums you up?
    6) What’s the first thing that you bought with yoru own money that cost more than $10?
    7) What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?
    8) Where would you travel to if money were no object?

  11. Danger Will Robinson! Danger…Don’t answer the favorite teacher one…Scott’s just trying to figure out your bank security questions so he can get your atm code….

    [signed: rudely playing in someone else’s comment thread]

    • Why would he want 12345…. dammit!!!!

      Anyways That isn’t the security question to my bank account. And the answer is in dyslexic anyway…

  12. 1. What would be the podcast you would most want to listen to – that you are not allowed to listen to now?
    2. Do you prefer britney spears’ left or right boob?
    3. Who is smuttier? Me or pip?
    4. Would you rather have a 15″ or 17″ MBP?
    5. Would you rather date a goat or a sheep?
    6. What would you wear under a kilt?
    7. If you wanted to make one podcast disappear, which one would it be?
    8. Tee Morris or Mick Bordet?


    🙂 have fun!

  13. Still waiting on half the Questions. Might post answers to the four people that asked already in 1 post then post the rest in a 2nd when the other 4 post their Questions here in the comments to this post.

  14. I’ll go more thought-provoking. 🙂

    1. Why do you like Vikings so much?

    2. If you were granted the ability to travel back in time and fix one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

    3. What is Farscape?

    4. If you in the present could call yourself at the age of 15, what would say? The phone call is limited to five minutes.

    5. What crappy movie do you consider a guilty pleasure?

    6. What is love?

    7. If you could add an extra day to the week, what would you do with it?

    8. You are approached with the opportunity to rule the world for one week with the caveat that you cannot leave the post voluntarily until the week is over. You take the job, and Monday morning you find yourself in the office behind the big desk. What do you do for the next seven days?

  15. Okay Soon as Odin, Nathan , and Brand get their questions in I can get part 2 posted.

    Thanks for taking part guys these are fun – Womprat99 yours are answered just waiting these other slackers to be posted.

  16. Sorry, for the delay… Here they are:
    1. If Misty were a fruit, which fruit would she be?
    2. Why don’t you have a pimp hat and coat on for your avatar (photoshop dude)?
    3. Who would you rather meet Shia Le Bouf or Tom Cruise (have to choose)?
    4. Why?
    5. Jen or Angelina
    6. Which character in which podcast would you like to be?
    7. Which podcasters would make you turn all fanboi?
    8. Which Python skits can you recite from memory?

  17. 1. Niesche or Kafka?

    2. What made you decide to do Random Pimpage and what do you like LEAST about it?

    3. Betty or Wilma?

    4. Do you think that podcast fiction is a distinct artform different from – say serialized text? Why or why not?

    5. How many fingers am I holding up?

    6. When will you do your own podcast and what will it be about?

    7. Where did you get your sense of humor?

    8. What did you do before you were a twitter celebrity?

  18. 1) You’ve mentioned a very exciting home life. Can you describe the relationship you have with everyone in your household?
    2) How is it you don’t have a podcast?
    3) Could Boba Fett defeat Chuck Norris?
    4) What is the fastest land mammal?
    5) You’ve mentioned that LDM is a special child. How exactly is she special?
    6) Windows or Mac?
    7) If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?
    8) Why do you pick podcasts for “Random” pimpage?

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