Answers to 8 Question Reversal Part 2

Okay here are the answers to the questions from Michael Falkner aka @Womprat99 on twitter , Odin aka @Odin1Eye on twitter, Nathan Lowell aka @NLowell on twitter,  Brand Gamblin aka @BrandG on twitter.  Really Fun and interesting Questions Guys Thanks. – Lot more thought Provoking in this batch.

I’ll go more thought-provoking. 🙂

1. Why do you like Vikings so much?

Well I have an equal fascination of all the cultures that I’m descended from The Norse – German and Swedish happen to be the largest part of my heritage, but I’m fascinated by all things Irish too.  But I’m 6’4” extra fatass build I look like I should be swinging a warhammer instead of fixing computers so the Viking look kinda just sticks.

2. If you were granted the ability to travel back in time and fix one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

Nothing if I change anything there’s no guarantee that I’d be with the woman I married, or have my kids.  All the crap I’ve endured in my life, the headaches the heartaches are worth the time I have with them. And I’d gladly suffer through it a thousand times to keep ending up with them each time.

3. What is Farscape?

Kickass Show from the 90’s that I was able to catch like half the first season before I wasn’t able to watch it anymore and forgot all about it til you brought up the Scapecast a few months ago… now when I get time and money to hit Best buy I’m gonna see if I can get a season or two.

4. If you in the present could call yourself at the age of 15, what would say? The phone call is limited to five minutes.

Richie shut the hell up let me speak and listen carefully.  Stop Rolling your eyes dumbass I’m you I know what you’re doing.  Gramma is right – Life is gonna suck but those dark points are worth it, you end up with a woman that you’d die for and who’d die for you.  Keep your head up and enjoy the bright points while you can suffer through the shit, because in the end it all works out and is worth it.  The bright points will return and be that much more sweet.

5. What crappy movie do you consider a guilty pleasure?

When I was younger it was Deathstalker 2 or 3.  Damn near anything by full Moon Entertainment or Tromaville.  Yeah I’m a cheesy horror film junkie.  If you ask my wife and Kids they’d say my guilty pleasure crappy movie would be Casablanca because all their taste is in their mouth – Casablanca is one of my faves now that I actually watched it – has been for about a decade now

6. What is love?

The one thing that makes all the headache and heartache worth it.  The thing that give me a reason to press on through the worst of my depressions when they kick in.  The reason I want to start living a healthier lifestyle because now I have a reason to live.  That thing that makes it impossible to be pissed at someone beyond a moment and just becomes more powerful because they pissed you off.

7. If you could add an extra day to the week, what would you do with it?

Spend time with my wife and kids.  We run too much during the week I have a 3 hour commute each way I get home they’re about ready for bed, Saturday Misty watches her sister’s kids so we really only get Sunday but we’re so worn out that we just detox from stress rest and play WoW – and Extra day would allow us to actually do family things go hiking play at the park etc.

8. You are approached with the opportunity to rule the world for one week with the caveat that you cannot leave the post voluntarily until the week is over. You take the job, and Monday morning you find yourself in the office behind the big desk. What do you do for the next seven days?

Wonder why the hell I agreed to this, I promised myself I’d never do this.  Then go over the list of issues that I need to address figure out the ones I can’t handle delagate those, then dig in to fix what I think I can (which is prolly what the menu will be for the week). And then hire my Wife as an Intern and go all Bill Clinton on her ass.

Michael Falkner said this on February 5, 2010 at 10:21 am

Sorry, for the delay… Here they are:

1. If Misty were a fruit, which fruit would she be?

Well I’d say peach but she hates peaches (so it actually kinda fits because of her self esteem issues though I don’t understand why she has them because I think she’s fucking awesome) but I don’t want her to hate herself, and while she’s the apple of my eye I’d like to say kumquat but that’s just because it’s a funny word and not that she has any kumquat similarities in fact all I know about kumquats is they have a funny name are orangeish and sound very naughty when you say their name, so I’d have to go with strawberries… can be amazing just plain and fresh and innocent, but very decadent at the same time with the right preparation.

2. Why don’t you have a pimp hat and coat on for your avatar (photoshop dude)?

Because everybody digs the Viking Helm… plus I’m actually trying to figure out a way to make my own hats – yes I’m really that fucking nerdy.  And Crossbreed pimp hats and Fedoras with viking helmets…Face it the Viking archeologist and Viking Pimp need their hats too…

3. Who would you rather meet Shia Le Bouf or Tom Cruise (have to choose)?

Tom Cruise but Top Gun Era Tom Cruise. – -Because Top Gun was one of my Fave movies of all time I wore out 2 VHS tapes and if I could wear out the DVD I would have a few times over by now.  And like I do with RP now I’d like to thank him for a movie that entertained me so much.

4. Why?

Okay getting All philosophical on me now?  Because if we don’t the gerbils will spontaneously evolve opposable thumbs and drive Richard Gere and the Backdoor.. errr street Back Street Boys around like flesh mechs and take over Nevada.

5. Jen or Angelina

Frankly though both are lovely ladies, Neither Misty Hands down Every single time…  I love my wife I need no other woman, I want no other woman, and I’m going to enjoy Misty for as long as God lets me.  (Folks I’m born and raised Indiana Boy – My Pops is from backwoods Wisconsin – yes I can really be and am this way.  I’ve seen what cheating in a relationship can do to everyone else in the family I will not do anything to jeopardize my family, and our happiness)

6. Which character in which podcast would you like to be?

For the real answer to that I have to finish writing Nightgames and Podcast it, or Bear of Avalon/Caledonia still fiddling with the title on that one.  But as neither of those are anywhere near completion…. I’d have to say Minor Character Crew member of Rafe’s Crew from Morevi.  Don’t want to be in the limelight just come to the party, and I can’t imagine anyone’s party being cooler than Rafe’s

7. Which podcasters would make you turn all fanboi?

Sigler, Tee, PG Holyfield, JC Hutchins, Nathan Lowell, they’re all truly great authors, and great guys that take the time to actually talk to not AT fans.  Tracy Hickman Should be part of that list to, I always forget about Dragon Hearth and I can’t figure out why.

8. Which Python skits can you recite from memory?

Depends.. I have a very odd mind  I used to be able to do Holy Grail from Beginning to end and Meaning of Life Beginning to end, as well as a few skits from the show.  Right now because I’m trying to think of them they are fleeing like cockroaches – I have a very strange memory that chooses to recall data usually at inappropriate moments – like reciting parts of the Spanish Inquisition skits during Church.

odin1eye said this on February 5, 2010 at 11:16 am

1. Niesche or Kafka?

Kafka just freaked me the hell out with Metamorphosis so ummm I don’t know they were both decent reads when I read them back in HS and College but they’re a little heavy for the reading I normally like doing.  I guess Kafka, I think Nietzsche is a little heavy handed for my taste.  He seemed more worried about superiority than Kafka did from my recollection.

2. What made you decide to do Random Pimpage and what do you like LEAST about it?

I’ve wanted to do something like this for years, but what actually kicked me in the ass was JC Hutchins.  He was promoting for Personal Effects: Dark Art – and he was asking all his followers on twitter to shake their tales and do some pimpage for him.   So I figured I’d start randomly pimping the Podcasters and Authors I follow in Twitter.  Well you’ve seen my pimpage 140 chars doesn’t quite measure up.  So I started yet another Blog and actually started linking to it so people could actually see it.  Then I moved it over to a wordpress blog because I think it makes it a lot easier to manage and track.  What do I like least.  The effort I have to put out sometimes when I just feel like hell.  Yeah I’m just a faceless.. well okay I do post my mug up for everyone to see but still in the grand scheme of things I’m pretty faceless, slacker that really isn’t beholden to anybody so it really doesn’t matter if I miss a posting but I feel guilty.  And sometimes the Tuesday’s causes that I started make me feel a little down about myself because I should be doing more to help those around me.

3. Betty or Wilma?

Something tells me that Betty could totally take Wilma in a steel cage deathmatch… that was the question right?

4. Do you think that podcast fiction is a distinct artform different from – say serialized text? Why or why not?

Yes.  As far as just an artform I feel that different writing styles and painting styles etc should count as their own artforms.  More specifically I think that Podcasting and Podcasting fiction has more power to sway and influence than text.  Great authors can sway with just words on paper but the voice is a VERY powerful tool in influencing emotion and perception.  I think Podcasting fiction give it a lot more power makes it almost palpable.

5. How many fingers am I holding up?

Technically fifteen… though why you’re holding a dismembered hand…. with Elvis’s fingerprints… ummmm SECURITY!!!!!

6. When will you do your own podcast and what will it be about?

I’ve been planning on releasing the Behind the 8 Podcast for close a year now but distractions like the LDM (my youngest child the Little Demon Monkey), Meatspace emergencies, and my perfectionist attitude about my creative endeavors keep pushing it back.  Though since rearranging the house I’m going to see if i can rig up something to hold a couple quilts up and I think I might have softened my recording space enough to not get as bad an echo.  As far as content just the views of a geek living life and learning lessons from the Behind the 8 ball.  It’ll be me ranting, thinking, an audio version of  Random Pimpage something to get my mind off my fiction to get my fiction to flow better.  Me being me and just having fun.

7. Where did you get your sense of humor?

It’s a Mixture I get it some from Spiderman and some from the fact that my Maternal Gramma and My dad used to bicker like siblings.. well they were cousins (Actually I’m not kidding – Her mom died and her dad married my dad’s aunt but I am my own cousin 3 times removed by marriage I think?).  But they were both major smartasses –  I was never that good at physical conflict, (I’m big I’m strong but I’m afraid to hurt people on purpose unless protecting my family) so I had to find someway to avoid a fight if I could.  A Wisecrack at the right moment can cause someone to either crack up and forget about fighting, or cause them to hesitate long enough for a cheap shot and bolting like a rabbit.

Another thing is the most important lesson my maternal Gramma taught me is the best gift you can give is a smile.  Never the wrong size or style or color, they’re always needed, you can never have to many, they rarely cost a thing, and for one brief moment you brighten another’s life.  Sadly I have to say that because of that I enjoy the feeling I get when making people smile and I do it because I like that feeling.  As altruistic as I want to be I do it because I like how I feel at the end of the day when I can make people smile.

8. What did you do before you were a twitter celebrity?

Still waiting to be a twitter Celeb.  I’m just a geek working Helpdesk at a lawfirm telling Lawyers to reboot and helping them find the any key.

Just a guy living life the best I can and loving his wife and kids as long as God will let me.

Granted I am Amazed that I have the number of followers as I do, and I’m impressed at the numbers (though Low for some blogs out there it’s a lot more traffic than I thought I’d get) I get at Random Pimpage too.

Nate said this on February 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm

1 ) You’ve mentioned a very exciting home life. Can you describe the relationship you have with everyone in your household?

Household – Me, My Wife Misty, Our Son Zach (oldest child), Our Daughter Brittany (middle child), LDM (Little Demon Monkey our Youngest) – Zach and Britt are old enough to have an online presence so I have no problem actually naming them by name, but LDM is only 2, I’m protecting her privacy until she gets a little older. And I can’t forget our pets Cookie Gargantuan Cat, and Phoebe Mae our Italian Greyhound (think of a Greyhound little taller than a dachshund.)

Zach and Brit came with the marriage (they may not be mine biologically but I support them I’m there for the headache and heartache when they let me.  They are my kids we do not use the term “step” in my family unless we are describing the legal relationship)  I love them to death but they are teenagers so occasionally I want to strangle them to prove it.  They’ve had some issues in the past with Misty’s Ex, that makes it hard for them to trust another father figure especially one that has anger management issues.  I have never struck my wife or any of our kids in anger, I have spanked the children for correction.

Zach is too much like me for either of our own good.  We have a decent relationship most of the time, but he’s not overly fond of having to turn the Alpha Male spot over to me.  He’s used to being in a house where he can take whatever he wants whenever he wants, and not have to show respect.  Every few months we have a major blow out but they seem to be getting farther and farther apart.  He sometimes thinks I’m a controlling ass (thought he wont’ say it to my face I can see it in his eyes) even though I’m just trying to make sure he can handle himself in the real world after all in little over a month and a half he can walk out that door and I can’t stop him.

Britt is afraid of me when I lose my temper, she’s a very gentle soul and spooks easy.  She’s a lot brighter than she seems at first she has a good memory when she wants to.  She aggravates me because I’m not used to special needs kids but I’m trying to learn patience (but I’m part Irish.. yeah that doesn’t work so well),

LDM – She’s a holy terror that has figured out counting means drop what I’m doing and hide my butt.  She’s 2 she’s evil, she makes me really wish I had this time with my older two.  She’s only 2 so there isn’t a whole to report on, she watches a lot of Nick Jr. and Colors, and drinks milk and Juice and tear asses about the house.  Oh and she’s a little ham.

Misty – My Beloved wife.  She’s had some issues with her ex that makes it hard for her to trust, and has given her some very major jealousy issues (she has come MILES since we have been married and I applaud her on the effort)  For the most part we have a good relationship, but we come from different worlds, so there are a lot of fights that stem from miscommunication.  We just don’t see the world exactly in the same way, she wants to see the best in people I’m a bitter cynical fuck trying to figure out the angle of the person smiling at me.  I’m also silly goof and just act up in public to embarrass her and the kids.

Not sure if that was exactly what you were looking for.

2 ) How is it you don’t have a podcast?

Laziness, Perfectionism , short attention span and poor house layout.  Too Lazy to move the furniture around so that I don’t have as bad of sound reflection.  (recently that has changed so that’s two birds one stone) I have an issue with being a perfectionist when it comes to my fiction, and to the Podcast that I’ve been prepping to do for a while.  But I’m either getting an H2 or a Mic and Stand rigging up some baffling to kill more reflection, and the Behind the 8 Podcast should be up sometime int he somwhat near future I’m gonna have to take it from Mur It’s gonna suck, I’m not Mozart I’m not gonna leap out of hte box with a fully formed perfect cast I gotta work at it and break things to learn how to do it right.  Better done than perfect.

3 ) Could Boba Fett defeat Chuck Norris?

They couldn’t show you the truth in the prequels.  Jango Fett was really Chuck Norris, so all the clone troopers and Boba were all Chuck Norris clones, they used an actor that looked nothing like Chuck Norris because they didn’t want to cause a global scare about that much ass kicking power at in the hands of Palpatine.

4 ) What is the fastest land mammal?

That would be either dickeadicuscrotchrocketis or midlifecisisdudicus.  If you’re talking about powered solely by their own power and not in a vehicle I’d have to say my pets when it’s time to go to the vet.  They lapped the fucking cheetah!!

5 ) You’ve mentioned that LDM is a special child. How exactly is she special?

LDM is my youngest. I. don’t recall mentioning her as special (well beyond any child being special to their parent), just ohnrey too smart for my own good and evil… dammit she’s just like her pops.  My older daughter Brittany is a special needs child.  She’s been diagnosed with ADHD, and she has some other developmental / learning issues.

6 ) Windows or Mac?

Windows but only because I’m a helpdesk geek in a all windows shop.  Havent’ had time to play with Linux, last time I touched a Mac on Purpose was in 1991 in HS for a class.  Wait no I did help a firend move back in the mid to late nineties and she was a satanist… er Mac user.  Seriously Soon as I can get a check from my creative endeavors large enough for me to by a Mac Laptop outright I will.

7 ) If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?

I guess being Abe Vigoda wouldn’t be bad or are we not talking that kind of Diino?  Seriously though well if we go solely by size and temperament likely a Ankylosaurus, though I’d rather be a Troodon becasue they were thought to be the most intelligent of the Dinos.

8 )Why do you pick podcasts for “Random” pimpage?

Why do I pick Podcasts or why do I pick the Podcasts I do?

Why Podcasts – because that’s my main medium of entertainment now.

Why do I pick the Podcasts that I do – Because I think there are a ton of good podcasts out there that people might pass by without giving it the proper attention, God (or in your case I guess Cthulhu) knows that I’ve done that, Truthfully had it not been for twitter and the podcasting community there I’d have missed Tumbler – which was a hell of a good story btw, and I might still be looking at the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper and saying maybe after I finish catching up on this cast or that cast.

Brand Gamblin said this on February 8, 2010 at 10:26 pm


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