Making the Cut – Ironically Yes it Did… And so much More

This Weeks Pimpage is going out to Metamor City and it’s Author Chris Lester.

Lets get Links out of the way

Metamor City-

Chris on Twitter – @etherius

Don’t recall where I heard my first promo for Metamor City, I want to say I think it was from Dragon’s Landing Inn Gaming Podcast, but it intrigued me because the promo I hear called it Spellpunk.

I checked it out and the first couple short stories got me hooked.  Then came Making the Cut – The First Metamor City novel.

First off the world of Metamor City is just a exiting colorful Urban Fantasy landscape that is engrossing and immersive.  Chris does a hell of a job painting a world that is very ominous yet awe inspiring, not knowing whether the next corner turned is going to bring wonder or danger.  It’s got plenty of action and intrigue to get you hooked fast and keep you hooked.  The cast is excellent, and very well chosen.  It took me half the damn book to realize that two of my favorite characters were voiced by the same guy.  Not that it was hard once I sat back and actually looked (well listened) at it but the story did a good job of distracting me enough not to notice.  I will say I think we need more Artax in the stories but that’s just because Artax freaking rocks.

The story follows Daniel Sharabi member of the Psi Collective that isn’t powerful enough to matter to the powers that be among the Collective, and the lengths he’ll go to to be with the woman he loves, and the consequences of those actions, some kinda funny, some kinda dark.  I found some scenes to be uncomfortable and awkward to listen to, but that’s because of my morality trying to impose itself on the work.

This is not a happy kitty fun ride by any stretch of the imagination, as a warning I’m letting you know there is some sex, a good deal of violence, and some really fucked up scenes looking through the eyes of a psychopath (but don’t let that put you off you may sleep funny after certain scenes but it’s well worth the weird dreams).  If you don’t have earphones, don’t listen at work or around kids.  The release schedule was rough in places but seeing as he moved halfway across the country to accept a teaching gig during the process, it’s a wonder that things managed to stay running as smoothly as it did.  It got kinda annoying during the cliffhangers when that happened (but I kept listening anyway and I’m easily di… hey a shiny!!!!) but you get to DL it straight and listen straight through.  This was rough one to have to wait for but that’s because it was that good.  I found myself putting a couple episodes off at a time so I could have larger chunks of the story at one time.

All in all an enjoyable experience.

Would I listen again… YES!!!…. even if I had to do it to the same schedule… YES!!!  It’s a hell of a story, it’s a wonderful beautiful scary world that Chris is describing for us and the thing I like best about it is it isn’t a perfect world, you see the decay the corruption and that just draws you closer in.  Remember kiddies have your charms and amulets handy because the city does bear a curse, and once you get sucked in, it’s all the protection you have.


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