Tuesday’s Worthy Causes

Once Again it’s time for Tuesday’s Cause –

I’d still like to take a moment to remind everyone that right now there are 2 VERY worthy causes here in our own podcasting community they are the Legal Defense Fund to Help SVAllie with her legal costs from her custody battle to keep the EP (Her daughter the Elf Princess) with her and the Trust for Sonic Boom (SB is Tee Morris’s daughter and recently tragedy struck taking Tee’s Wife Natalie suddenly but you knew that already right?  If not how the heck do you know about me and not Tee?)

Help out if you can if not with a few $$$ with some encouragement, prayer, or time.



But there are a lot of causes out there that we don’t see, children that need a transplant families effected by disaster, and nations effected by even larger disasters.   Take a moment today and pray or send positive thoughts / energy (whatever your “thing” is) and if you got a spare dime chip it in to help a cause, or better yet donate some time to help a cause along or even a shoulder or an ear to someone that is effected by a tragedy.

Tuesday’s causes has to be one of the hardest things I try to come up with.  I’m not really a “Cause Head” I’m not out there doing everything that I should to help my fellow man but I am trying to help out where and when I can.  I’m not the guy that hears about a Tornado in Kenya and then rushes in to save the day because I really don’t care about Kenya.  I believe in cleaning up your own yard before taking on the next one.  Sure some things trump others.  Katrina trumped giving the homeless person at the train station $5 because of the scope.  I balk at our government giving millions of dollars of aid to foreign emergencies but not taking a good hard look at the issues that are facing our citizens in need.  I do not donate to Children in need to support children in a third world nation when our own American children have so much they need assistance with.  Yeah some kid in Kenya needs shoes, so does the kid two blocks over whose dad just got laid off, and whose ma ran off with the female babysitter so they have 0 income.  Where is the charity to help that kid?  What I’m saying here is it’s all well and good to being globally minded and trying to help out in other countries, but there is so much help that can be done on a local level.  Homeless shelters, local Literacy  foundations, Red Cross or other Blood Donation centers, Hell Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores both donating goods for sale or purchasing some second hand items the list goes on and on.  I had a niece that passed on a couple years back that had mounted massive debt for my sister in the attempts to save her life through hospitals and various specialists.  She went in for what my sister thought was the flu, and was hospitalized, and it just started getting bigger from there.  I’ll go into the details sometime and Share Bear I miss you kiddo, but it’s time to get back to the post at hand.  Friends threw together a quick fundraiser for my sister, and it didn’t cover the hospital bills and what would be ultimately end up as funeral costs but it made a hell of a dent.  Look around find a local charity even if it’s a fundraiser to help buy new children’s books for the local library, or help with the school music program.  These little things can help, and you usually don’t have to break the bank with a donation.  For those of you out there that are mumbling but I can’t write that off on taxes, fuck write offs.  This is about helping your fellow man not about an extra $5 you don’t have to pay tax on.  There are other little things that can work as well.  Random acts of kindness, spotting somebody that extra couple bucks to pay for their burger when they realized they are a little short, giving somebody a jumpstart on the side of the road (ESPECIALLY IN EXTREME TEMPS), reading to kids at the library, shoveling the walk, or mowing the lawn for the elderly neighbor.  Causes is meant to remind us to help our fellow man I honestly don’t care how you help, that part is up to you, I just hope you do help.  This year I plan on helping an elderly neighbor couple try and replace parts of their fence – granted part of it is to make sure that their dogs don’t come into my yard and kill mine but I never said motives have to be completely altruistic either.  I don’t care why you get out there and find something in your community to help out just do it.  Yeah score the hottie’s number while you’re doing meals on wheels.  Just get out there and help.

No Links today because today is about finding something local to you.

Hit me up at rasplundjr@gmail.com with the Subject Tuesday Cause if you have a cause you want / need me to pimp.  There are plenty of people out there that need a hand, not just a hand out.  See who you can help today.

Thanks for your time today.

God Bless – If God isn’t your thing then well it’s still mine but Positive thoughts your way still.


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