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Today I want to talk about me…. but instead I want t o pimp 4 podcasts that I recently started listening to.    If I have time I might kick up a review for tomorrow but i realized that I haven’t just done ACTUAL random pimpage for entertainment in a while, it’s mostly been 8 Questions, Causes, and a couple of half ass reviews – yes I admit they’re half ass but I’m trying and I’m trying to get better… Siskel and Ebert I ain’t.

All four of the podcasts that follow are podcasts that I had to throw out my give it 4 episodes to decide its fate, each of them had me hooked at the first episode.  I’m riding these out hell or high water so far they rock, lets see if they can keep up the awesome factor they came out of the gate with.  Reviews of each will come out in due time, Empress Sword and Cybrosis are still in their run, Leviathan Chronicles  I believe is between seasons, and Dreamer’s Thread is finished.  So You’ll likely see the reviews for Leviathan Chronicles and Dreamers Thread pop up her in a couple weeks and the others closer to or after their completion run.  BUT all four casts are such a fun and engrossing listen that I have to pimp them now and try to bring these to light in case anyone glossed over them.  They’re all available over at Itunes, and I believe you can catch them at as well

I want to bring attention to PC Harring’s Cybrosis Novel.   It’s in a genre I really don’t usually read into but this Cyberpunk novel is kicking some serious ass so far.  I was only able to listen to a couple episodes before the fated great HD failure of 2010 but I liked what I heard and now that things are almost caught back up and my Itunes library is almost back to it’s former self and it’s now back on the Ipod you can follow @PCHaring on twitter and check the novel out at there will be a review after I catch up.

Another Notable and kick ass Podcast thus far is The Empress Sword from Paulettte Jaxton.  It’s a traditional fantasy story that takes a very untraditional twist.  It’s the kind of fantasy story I wanted when I was younger and can still enjoy now.  You can follow @PauletteJaxton on twitter and check the novel out at it’s home at

We can’t forget Starla Huchton and The Dreamers Thread.  Here we have another victim of the great HD failure of 2010 but it’s back on the Ipod and I suspect should be finished shortly.  And expect a review of it shortly thereafter.  Fun story really enjoyed what I’ve been able to listen to so far.  You can catch her on Twitter as @riznphnx and catch the novel at

And lastly we can’t forget the leviathan in the room, sorry had to do it – The Leviathan Chronicles.  Here’s one I’ve been hearing kickass promos on for a while now, and just been too lazy to get over and check it out.  Again I’m kicking myself for my laziness, but I’m also kinda happy about my procrastination at the same time as that means I get to listen to Season 1 as damn near straight  through with as little downtime between eps as possible.  Kick ass production and cast, very quick to grab your attention and refuse to let go.  Be looking for the review for this bad boy in the VERY near future .  You can follow the Novel on Twitter at @LeviathanChrons and the site for the novel can be found at If you’re at work or someplace that you don’t want to cause a distraction turn the volume down or use headphones the site has an intro with music – kicak ass site so far too.

Today was just some general pimpage because I’ve got a few things on my plate, my novel that I’m working on, trying to beat the other stories in my head back into the cages so I can work on this, a few other projects in the works and the slow migration of what few files I managed to save from the great HD failure of 2010 to the new laptop… plus I’m lazy and have a cold that has been whupping my ass like my ma did when I was 3 and accidentally stole some penny candy so I’ve been trying to sleep it off a lot.


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  1. Great pimpage, my good man!

    Just an observation, my favorite podcast novelist/voice actor/etc Christiana Ellis is on the voice cast of three of these podiobooks (“Cybrosis”, “The Empress Sword”, & “The Dreamers Thread”). w00t!

    These are very good podcast novels in their own right, but Christiana adds to the awesome!

    Also, “The Empress Sword” (in process) & “The Dreamers Thread” (complete) can be found on . I believe P.C. Harring has said that “Cybrosis” should be available on Podiobooks in the not too distant future. I’m not sure if Christof Laputka is going to put “The Leviathan Chronicles” up on .

    Keep up the great work on the blog! 🙂

  2. Nice. I just found @LeviathanChrons recently too, the promo made me finally go check it out, and it indeed rocks! I have The Empress Sword in iTunes, but haven’t started it yet. Found that one from @nlowell’s site. So many other podiobooks in my que, waiting to be listened to! So many podiobooks, so little time.

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