Big Time – or the review of Levithan Chronicles…

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I’ve been listening to promos for the Levithan Chronicles from Christoff Laputka and have been putting off listening for a while but I corrected that.  Season 1 finished up earlier this year and I ‘m glad I waited to listen so I can listen straight through.

I do have a little criticism for the podcast.  Things are a little too convenient at times.  Injuries that are debilitating are ignored a few paragraphs later.  Takes me out of the story just a little, granted not enough to make me drop the podcast but noticeable.  One character had suffered from muscle atrophy, and it was hard for him to move and within minutes he’s right as rain leaping over a console getting into a fight.

Over all it’s a hell of a show.  Great production value, awesome cast, and a very exciting listen.

There’s a civil war being fought in the shadows among a subset of man that has hidden for a thousand years, and a shadowy US intelligence agency can’t help throwing it’s black hat into the ring and fighting against both sides.  A young scientist is drug into the battle and kickassedness ensues.  Christoff wanted to update the old audio drama format to bring it into the now.

It’s a blast.  The characters are fun and for an audio only show very real.  My favorite character really isn’t even one of the mains –  Oberland Saintclair the Irish engineer for a treasure seeking vessel the Hail Mary – Snarky little Irish guy gets drug into a world espionage and he ends up being a lot more capable than people give him credit.

It’s a great listen there are 24 story episodes in season one and a few “Sopabox” episodes where the author and his director give you a little behind the scenes view of what’s going on.

It’s a great ride, good script, it’s got adventure excitement, so it’s a damned good thing that I’m not a Jedi because I do crave these things and Leviathan Chronicles delivers for free world wide.

If you haven’t given season one a listen yet please do, if you have a very busy podcast listening schedule pencil it in as soon as you can it;s worth it… well at least I think so.

And Christoff if you read this promise me one thing bro… if you ever try to market this as a TV show don’t let it go to Fox, this is something I’d like to enjoy for more than half a season.


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