Tuesday’s Worthy Causes

Once Again it’s time for Tuesday’s Cause –

There are still 2 VERY worthy causes here in our own online community that could still use your help they are the Legal Defense Fund to Help SVAllie with her legal costs from her custody battle to keep the EP (Her daughter the Elf Princess) with her and the Trust for Sonic Boom (SB is Tee Morris’s daughter and recently tragedy struck taking Tee’s Wife Natalie.)

Help out if you can if not with a few $$$ with some encouragement, prayer, or time.



But there are a lot of causes out there that we don’t see, children that need a transplant families effected by disaster, and nations effected by even larger disasters.   Take a moment today and pray or send positive thoughts / energy (whatever your “thing” is) and if you got a spare dime chip it in to help a cause, or better yet donate some time to help a cause along or even a shoulder or an ear to someone that is effected by a tragedy.

Alzheimer’s.  It’s ugly.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have it but I know what it’s like to watch one of the brightest wonderful women I ever knew spiral down into it’s depths.  I was in my mid twenties, I worked midnights at a factory at that time and my gramma was over spending the weekend.  I was watching TV at 12:30 AM because I couldn’t sleep and I had to work the next night so I had to keep my body in schedule.  Gramma came tearing out of the back bedroom no clue where the hell she was trying to figure out where she was, and saying she had to get home to Ezra.  Ezra Brady, my maternal grandfather passed away more than a decade before I was born.  I had to explain to her that Ezra died a long time ago.  Now this still fucks me up to this day.  Because I explained to her that the only Grandfather I knew was Harold Elliot.  She then stated she meant that she had to get home to Harold.  Not only did I have to tell her that her first husband was dead but that her second husband had been dead for about decade at that point as well.  I had to explain to her who her youngest daughter was (my mother) and that I was her grandson.  I didn’t even have the disease and it hurt me hardcore.  I never want to be the one to explain that a loved one passed on ever again.  (And to those in the military / police /fire departments/ medicine that get stuck with the job my heart goes out to you I don’t know how you can do it and not crawl inside a bottle and just stay there).  This is something that I fight with everyday, because my paternal gramma started sliding down the same slope as well, though we were too far away to witness it first hand it’s still painful to know that two of the people you love most in this life had their feet cut out from under them living a half life because of this illness.  One day I will very possibly be sliding down that same slope.  The only comfort I have is it seems that when my gramma had her episodes she was usually in a good place in her past.  Small consolation but I’m glad that it was that rather than darker more painful memories.  I’ve seen what Alzheimer’s can do to a family.  I’ve seen what it can do to the body.  It’s a horrible disease and one that I feel needs attention brought to it as many people prefer to just sweep it under the rug.  There’s more than just the disease here that we can concentrate on.  We need to make sure that our loved ones that are afflicted with this evil curse, are cared for and cared ABOUT.  Too many members of my extended family treated my gramma poorly after she was in it’s clutches.  A Touch, a simple I love you, just being there while they’re terrified to give them love and an attempt at understanding this can give them so much more than gold and jewels and money thrown at the problem.  Giving them dignity instead of derision.  Letting them have their humanity instead of feeling like a caged animal.  These are just as important as finding a way to stop, this illness and cure it’s victims.

For mote information about resources and the disease itself please take a look at the following links.

Formerly AlzResourceCenter.com – http://www.namenda.com/sections/about-alzheimers-disease/?WT.srch=1&RF?WT.srch=1&PlacementGUID=9D98DE43-7274-46E3-A177-78FD2AC22866

Alz.org – http://www.alz.org/index.asp

Yes I know wikipedia isn’t the be all end all of knowledge but still – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alzheimer%27s_disease

Alzheimer’s .org – http://www.alzheimers.org/

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America – http://www.alzfdn.org/

PS This is something very close to me and my family.  I can handle jokes about and at the disease itself, but I swear to all that is holy I catch anyone making fun of or screwing witht eh mind of a victim / patient they will have size 13EW boot from not only a Mad Viking but a pissed off one someplace very uncomfortable, and no I’m not talking about the back seat of a freaking VolksWagon

Hit me up at rasplundjr@gmail.com with the Subject Tuesday Cause if you have a cause you want / need me to pimp.  There are plenty of people out there that need a hand, not just a hand out.  See who you can help today.

Thanks for your time today.


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