Meat Space Issues

Meat Space issues should be kicked in the head shortly, working on different scheduling for me to do things combined with work, spending time with my fam, and other personal issues I should be back to abnormal by Monday I’ll do a double helping of everything next week, and for penance I’ll take 8 Random Questions from readers for me to answer – I’ll post them up for the next how many Fridays it takes me to get through them all –

Deadline to have the questions to me is Friday April 2nd Noon Central.

Rules – why yes I have rules – 8 Random Questions per email – I reserve the right to not answer anything deemed too personal, or anything that seems designed to piss me or my wife off on purpose – If  a question like that comes up I will request a new question to replace it, play as often as you like but only 8 Questions per email –

Send those emails to – Subject 8 Questions for Random Pimpage.

Sorry for the delay in getting content up but meat space is a little hard to ignore.


About rasplundjr

Smart Alec Family Man, Helpdesk Geek, Wannabe Writer, Wannabe Podcaster, Not a guru just a guy, Viking Wannabe, and Irreverent Critic

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