Tuesday’s Causes – Special Over Sized Edition

Once Again it’s time for Tuesday’s Cause –

There are still 2 VERY worthy causes here in our own online community that could still use your help they are the Legal Defense Fund to Help SVAllie with her legal costs from her custody battle to keep the EP (Her daughter the Elf Princess) with her and the Trust for Sonic Boom (SB is Tee Morris’s daughter and recently tragedy struck taking Tee’s Wife Natalie.)

Help out if you can if not with a few $$$ with some encouragement, prayer, or time.



But there are a lot of causes out there that we don’t see, children that need a transplant families effected by disaster, and nations effected by even larger disasters.   Take a moment today and pray or send positive thoughts / energy (whatever your “thing” is) and if you got a spare dime chip it in to help a cause, or better yet donate some time to help a cause along or even a shoulder or an ear to someone that is effected by a tragedy.

Double stuffed post here today as well.  Today I’d like to talk about Make A Wish Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House.

Sunday was the two year anniversary of my niece Sharon Marie Reed passing.  This time of year leaves the Asplund family a little fucked up.  This post is in memory of Share Bear Reed.

I’m a little teary because of thinking about the post that went up just before this one so this is gonna be a quick in out.

The Make a Wish Foundation is a very worthy cause helping terminal children’s wishes and dreams come true.  What more worthy cause can there be than to give hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions..  You don’t just have to throw money at the problem you can donate time and talent as well.

Make A Wish Foundation Website – http://www.wish.org/

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that helps families stay close to their children when they are hospitalized away from home.  It provided Sheila with a place to stay just blocks from Children’s memorial in case something happened she could remain close.  Their website can say it a lot better than I can.

Ronald McDonald House Website – http://rmhc.org/

Screw it I’ll toss two more things out there – In Chicago it’s Children’s Memorial, in Indianapolis it’s Riley’s, and there is St. Jude’s for children with cancer, and there are many others out there that I don’t know of, but I know every so often local business will always sell boots eggs balloons, pumpkins, etc depending on the time of year to help out local children’s hospitals.  Find one close by do what you can for them.

Lastly this seems like a morbid thing to bring up, and as a parent I’m creeped the hell out by it but it’s still something that needs to be thought about.  Organ donation, not only by you but heaven please forbid our children.  Sharon was on a transplant list before she passed sadly her body was past the point of no return when a heart that matched became available.  Your gift could prevent someone else from going through the pain of losing a loved one.  I’m not saying you must donate your, or your kids organs because that decision is not the right one for everyone but think about it.  I mean if I expect someone to donate to save my life or my child’s, what right do I have to say no if the tables were reversed?

Donate Life America Website – http://www.donatelife.net/

The Governments Organ and Tissue Donation Initiative – http://organdonor.gov/

Hit me up at rasplundjr@gmail.com with the Subject Tuesday Cause if you have a cause you want / need me to pimp.  There are plenty of people out there that need a hand, not just a hand out.  See who you can help today.


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