So What Have You Done Lately??

What have you done lately to help you favorite creative content producers??

Have you given them feedback?  Have you purchased any of their works that are available for purchase?  Noticed any glaring errors that you think they need to address?  Have you even stopped for a second and dropped them a quick “Thanks”?

People who are established in the paid markets like Stephen King have a way of tracking their success it’s called a royalty check.  Many of our favorite content providers here in the podioshpere aren’t to that level yet.  They need us to show them support so that someday they can grow to be the giants in the field.  I think it’s author / podcaster John Mireau (@johnmierau on twitter and the Podiobook Serving Worlds) that recently gave the call to action to send a content provider 1 Praise, and 1 Constructive comment.  That’s one thing that I have been striving for since launching random Pimpage.  Past few months I’ve failed but I’ve been taking care of things behind the scenes, and trying to get my head back into a positive headspace instead of the  downward plummet I had been in for a while. (Lots of personal crap that would prolly bore you to tears so I won’t bother to digress into it.)  Here’s the deal.  Find people that you value their content and give back.  Be it a couple bucks on a donate button, or a couple of notes on what you like and what doesn’t work for you on their content.  Just be aware that you can tell them what they should do all day long, but in the end they get to select which votes to count as it is their content so don’t get all pissed off because they “ignored” your immensely inspired and ultimately perfect logic on how they should proceed.  You gotta be you they gotta be themselves too.

I would like to take a moment and thank some truly great people in the community that have inspired me to do more than just sit on my copious ass on the sidelines and participate.

Tee Morris @TeeMonster

Pip Ballantine @PhilippaJane

Scott Sigler @ScottSigler

Mur Lafferty @MightyMur

P.G. Holyfield @PGHolyfield

J.C. Hutchins @JCHutchins

Justin Macumber @JustinMacumber

Terry Mixon @TerryMixon

Ryan Stevenson @RyanEStevenson

Starla Huchton @RiznPhnx

Nathan Lowell @NLowell

Odin @Odin1Eye

Kaye @KMLaw

These are great people that you should check out on Twitter.  Great Authors and Story Tellers, great people to interact with, and fun loving smartasses to boot.  There are many more people that deserve to be on this list but Lunch only lasts for so long before I have to get back to fixing people’s computer issues.

But before I go there is one more person that deserves special thanks and praise… and not just because she lets me sleep with her but that is a nice bonus.  My wonderful supportive HOTTIE wife Misty @TigerLilly11674.

**Mushiness Warning For those of you who do not want to bear witness to Spousal mushiness you can stop reading here for those that don’t care read on… Misty you don’t get a choice you have to read on so there:P **

Thank you for putting up with all my shit, all my faults and foibles, and thank you for being there to inspire me and loving me even when I’m a dumbass.  I love you with all my heart and I thank God every day for bringing you in my life, even on the days you piss me off, oddly enough especially on those days.


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Smart Alec Family Man, Helpdesk Geek, Wannabe Writer, Wannabe Podcaster, Not a guru just a guy, Viking Wannabe, and Irreverent Critic

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  1. *sob* *sniff* dude you make me want to be a better #podcrit and a better friend.

    Katharina (KMLaw)

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