In The Works.

Still getting things together to figure out how to schedule my time so that I can do everything I want to in conjunction with everything I need to.

This week – Likely tomorrow – Review of Flying Island Press Flagship 01.  So far I like it, and I think it’s a steal at twice the price considering how much work went into it.  I plan on posting a review of the stories themselves as well as the entire package.

I’m getting back into the  gear of listening to podfiction, I strayed for a while and was reading regular print books well rereading….  I plan on gettign things back together, I’m just an unorganized slackass so it take time to get my head out ass.

I plan on Randomly pimping cool shit as that what this blog was setup to do.

I plan on continuing to review cool shit as apparently several people enjoy it and it seems to be what I’m getting known for.

I plan on still pimping worthy causes – This is the biggest demand on my time as I have to actually go out and find the causes that I think are worthy.

and I plan on resurrecting 8 Questions.  Though I may put a twist on it.

I’m working on my own fiction, and my family, and trying to get my wow habit back to a reasonable time played instead of soon as my fat ass gets home til I pass out drooling on my laptop….

Things are underway to get back to “normal” production please stay tuned.


About rasplundjr

Smart Alec Family Man, Helpdesk Geek, Wannabe Writer, Wannabe Podcaster, Not a guru just a guy, Viking Wannabe, and Irreverent Critic

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