Welcome to my madness here at Random Pimpage I like to pimp the works of people that I feel need more attention to their efforts.  Main focus will be on Podcasters, and Podcast Novelists especially their attempts to break into the Dead Tree world but I’ll take a look at anything and pimp any and all crative efforts that I like.  Most reviews you see here will be rather fanboyish, and will almost always be positive reviews, I’m not gonna tear someone down if I don’t like their work, I just will actually listen to my mother for once – If you don’t have anything good to say just shut the fuck up. – Yeah my ma has Irish blood how can ya tell?  But I’m not going to blow sunshine up somebody’s ass if they don’t warrant it either.  Plus that seems to be rather uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong Bob you look really uncomfortable.”

“Ah some dumbass blogger blew sunshine up my ass now I can’t sit right.”

Anyways… I hope you enjoy the content and enjoy the creative efforts of the people reviewed / pimped here.  And if you think something sucks instead of bitching about it just do it better, then we can talk.


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