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Pimp From Valhalla Preview

Rich:  Hey Odin didja hear about the crazy kiwi trying to auction off a sonic boom what the hell is up with that?

Odin:  No man you got it all wrong  it’s not like that at all.  What Pip Ballentine is trying to do is raise money for Tee Morris’s daughter, Sonic Boom.  Yeah it’s over at

Rich: Really let me go check that out… (Five checks of twitter, Skype and Facebook later Who hoo I found a lonely bull) DUDE!!!   Some chick in Austria is auctioning off Mozart’s Balls dipped in chocolate?

Odin:  That has to be some crazy Austrian let me check that out – What the heck is Marzipan?  And why would they be stuffing his balls with Marzipan.

Rich: Some kind of weird European embalming method?

Odin: I don’t’ know about you man but I have no desire to put a dead composers chocolate dippes sack in my mouth.  Look at that she has a proxy bid in already for $25

Rich: Considering how talented he was I’d figure they’d go for more.

Odin: Only if you were a very big fan, and I’m not going there.

Rich: Well you know that Napoleon’s Penis went for over two Million.  That’s a lot of scratch for Bonaparte’s Boner.

Odin: Look here’s a guy that wants Fans to lead the charge.

Rich: Get yourself a cheerleader… nah man I’ll pass I think Misty might get a little upset if I got myself a cheerleader.

Odin: Yeah I think my Lady Queen might have some issues with that as well.

Rich: Wait no it’s a cheerleader to lead the charge on the front lines.  Misty might be all for that.  Give me a B Give me a U Give me a L Give me a *POW* Oh wait I guess she didn’t mean a real bullet.

Odin: Backseat Producers Package?  Talking about your package in the back seat that’s a recipe for disaster.

Rich: What we don’t even rate a casting couch?  What are they driving around the neighborhood in a van with signs for Free Puppies, Free Candy, and Movie Production Critique?  They didn’t have Puppies!!

Odin: And the candy wasn’t even anything I wanted!

Rich: Yeah what’s the deal with the chunky bars… I know I’m a big guy but I won’t even touch that.  Raisins in candy… that’s just wrong.  Whoa! Hey some dude in Texas wants to strip us!

Odin:  If you’ve ever been to Texas you wouldn’t find that too unusual.  Man and he wants us to pay him to do it.

Rich: Your Very own Pocket Ninja?

Odin: Might want to keep that one in the shirt pocket, Especially if he gets kicky.

Rich: Yeah Ninja kicked in the junk doesn’t sound that appealing.  Yeah no ninjas near my nuts.

Odin: Neither with swords nor kicks nor knife hand strikes.

Odin: And Look here There’s a chance to become a Dead Robot.

Rich: What are they gonna do rebuild they have the technology to make us better than we were before better stronger faster more creative?

Odin: Well I could use a replacement eye.

Here’s another we go from Dead Robots to being made into Zombies.  If someone is gonna be biting on me I get to pick who it is.

Rich: Hmm undeath or bionics…

Odin: Yeah I’d go with the bionics every time.  It’s all fun and games until your ear rots off.

Rich: yeah that’s an awkward party moment, umm dude you left your ear in the guacamole… that’s not guacamole it’s brain dip!!  Oh hey look at this two losers are offering up two reviews in one packages.. how pathetic can you…

Odin: Umm Rich that’s us…

Rich: What… DAMMIT!!!

** On a More Serious note…

The auctions made fun of are actual listings, for the REAL scoop on the auctions check out their Links Below. Mozart Balls Become a Dead Robot Fan to lead the charge in your podcast project Back Seat Producers Be Stripped by TRReed Pocket Ninja Become a Zombie Two Reviews in One Package

More about the auctions the ones we’ve poked fun at here plus many many others can be found at the main site for the Boom Effect located on the web at – – Benefit for Tee Morris’s daughter Sonic Boom to help take care of the costs of raising a child alone and give her a brighter future.  The Auction is slated for February 27th 2010 10:00 AM EST to 3:00 PM EST live on Ustream Channel – – The Boom Effect- raising money for Sonic Boom’s Future. Nothing can replace her mother, but we’re going to give her options.

If you can’t make the auction you can place Proxy bids on or you can leave donations using the Chipin widget located at the main site as well.

Thank you

Sincerely Odin1Eye and Rasplundjr


Mini Pimping the All Father – Odin.

I originally came across this guy calling himself Odin1Eye on twitter because of several of the podcasters I follow.  Humorous half exchanges and retweets flooded my feed so I figured I had to follow him on twitter and havent’ regretted it since.  Not only is a fun guy to chat with over teh webz (as opposed to a fungi – That would be someone that’s irritating but grows on you.. kinda like me….) but he’s a generally great guy in general.  He is a very wise and insightful man – helps that he sacrificed an eye for that wisdom – (those that don’t get the reference learn some Norse Mythology there’s more than Thor and his hammer)

His Blog which often features very well thought out reviews – View from Valhalla –

You can find him on Twitter –