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Time to Cry Wolf…well more like Wolfman

My wife the wonderful and sexy Misty aka @Tigerlilly11674 on Twitter actually had a Saturday that she didn’t have to babysit her sister’s kids.  We had ourselves a date.  Valentines weekend we decided to see a nice romantic movie… The Wolfman.  You guys may be looking at me oddly right now because of that statement, and if you are that scares me because you know exactly where I am…

Misty and I love werewolves, it’s one of the things that drew us closer when we met and were gaming together.  (Yes my wife is a gamer, we met because of Dungeons and Dragons so to all those people in HS that laughed at me and said I’d never get laid because of D&D I just have this to say THPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTT!!!!!! It netted me a wife and kids so there!!! – Now back to Wolfman.

We chose to go see Wolfman, no we were not thinking it was a romantic film we just both love werewolves and we figured that it’d be a while before we got to see another flick in the theaters because screaming children piss us off in theaters so were not going to drag our two year old to the theater who’s gonna scream her head off.  I may be an ass but I’m not that much of an ass.  Not even sure I’d take her to the drive in just yet… Anyways back to the movie again… We are always hoping that werewolf movies will have at least passable effects, a decent story, and a lot of action.  Wolfman does not fail to deliver.  Yeah I’ve heard people bitch about the Wereolf looking kinda like a Bison but it stays true to the orginal films monster, and that means it gets MAJOR props from me right there.

Wolfman does a great job of capturing elements from the original film and adding enough flavor for it to stand on its own.

The remake goes further back in time to about the time of Jack the Ripper instead of the more Modern original (and that alone gives it coolness points in my book usually the updated movie is moved forward in time as well.)

Granted I called a lot of the movie in advance, but I like horror movies, I’ve wanted to write them since I was a little older than the LDM (yes she’s only two I was exposed to horror movies very young, and yes that does explain a lot) but even the fact that I was able to “read ahead” in the film didn’t detract from it for me.  I was excited to see my guesses /instincts pan out.  Visually the movie was fantastic, it wasn’t an over CGIed flick that everything looks fake.  The transformations were very good, and the werewolf on werewolf battle in the end was damned good so good that I forgot I had to whiz for about an hour at that point.

Basic Plot in a nutshell – Actor goes home for the first time in a long time to investigate death of his brother at the late brother’s fiancees request.  All hell breaks loose.

I’d go into how excellent the cinematography and lighting and all that was but I don’t know jack about it, it was a kick ass flick, based off a kick as flick from the 40’s that didn’t make me wonder what the hell the studio was rethinking.  Gives me hope that maybe someday they can remake Captain Blood (which I actually think DelToro could pull off maybe hint hint hint…) and not make me cry.

All in all I went in with High expectation and hopes and praying that I wouldn’t cry.. the tears at the end of the movie were tears of joy.. okay and a little from the emotions drug up in the flick.  It totally blew my expectations away.  I got to see it for $5 – Kerasotes theaters have “Twilight” movies no they don’t inject suck ass sparkly flamer vamps but the last showing before 6 PM is only $5, cheaper than the regular matinee.  I’d gladly have paid twice the non matinee price for it, in fact I’m going to try to have a guys night out with my Father-In-Law to see it again and I’ll pay for us both.  And I’m a cheap ass…

Till next I post.. See ya on the other side and take it lite.