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TV Pimpage.

TV – The internet has really done a number on TV, With the ability to download your fave programs or use sites like HULU and the networks own websites to view episodes you’ve missed (not to mention DVRs and for the truly old school VCRs) TV is more accessible than ever. So I got to thinking there are shows out there that people have no excuse to miss.

I don’t have the chance to watch much TV anymore… work, 3 hour commute (one way), working onthe fiction, working on the Blogs, and working on the podcast on top of trying to find time for my wife and three kids is kinda hectic, so a lot of my TV viewing is done barely paying attention to the TV. There are a few shows out there however that I make sure get some time to themselves, and a few that used to hold that slot that are slowly and surely falling out of my MUST watch TV.

*** Lie to Me – Fox – I freaking love this show. Doc Lightman and his team try to crack at least one mystery each week through body language. Likely one of the contenders for the “Could happen” award. I honestly don’t know that much about psychology, it’s impact on our physiology and body language to know how much of the science in the show is real or crap, but I think it’s well written and well acted enough for me not to really care about the hard science behind the premise.

** Chuck – NBC – Yeah I mainly love this show because the geek is the hero. The stories are WAY out there beyond any kind of plausibility but it’s still a fun romp.

* Heroes – NBC – Okay I wish it could still be included here but man the show has gotten almost as convoluted as Lost. Sorry Heroes you’re dropped to second string.

* Smallville – CW – As much of a comic book geek as I am I have a hard time watching this past season 4… It’s a Herculean effort to just turn the show on….

*** Fringe – Fox – Fringe sciences and conspiracies have always interested me, I think had the X-Files been more like this I’d have watched it more often. The major drawing factor for me for this show is Joshua Jackson he gets the best lines in the entire series, followed closely by John Noble (who plays his mad scientist father)it’s a good balance of mad science action and humor I’ve seen on TV in a while.

Sadly these days a lot of my TV viewing is Veggie Tales, Wonder Pets and Teach my kid how to speak foreign languages kiddie cartoons because of the Little Demon Monkey (aka my youngest who’s about 1 1/2 at the time of this posting)

Reading through I noticed I don’t seem to have the umph I usually put into my pimpage posts I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm in today’s post been working a lot of OT and the baby has been cranky means Richie is getting nil for sleep and is low on batteries…