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Who am I and Why should you listen to what I have to say?

Who am I?

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Rich Asplund. I’m an amateur writer/media critic, professional smartass, and all around weirdo. (But it’s okay for me to be weird because I know I’m weird. Thank you Mr. Bowman!)

If you are seeing this because you were reading my blog at then you should be listening to me because my insights or lack thereof in my attempts to be less of a wannabe and more of a have done might be valuable or at the least entertaining in the way of “Sheesh I’m glad I’m not that poor bastard!”

If you are seeing this because you were pointed to then you should be listening to me because I try to find awesome creators that aren’t getting the signal boost I feel they deserve and try to up it a little in my own way. I’ll also feature worthy causes that are near and dear to me, my family, and friends, as well as any others that pass my way and I can’t find a reason to oppose them. I’m also open to being introduced to new creators and featuring them.

If you are seeing this because you found my remaking of a man blog at, then you should be listening to me because you might be doing the same thing as me and realizing you are not who or what YOU want yourself to be (to hell with what others want you to be) and my musings successes and setbacks might help illuminate the questions and answers in your own journey to be the man/woman/other that you yourself want to be.

I’m not an expert on anything, I am not a guru I’m just a guy trying to navigate this wierdass world.


Like a Good Man or a Bad Burrito.

Can’t keep Random Pimpage down.

Coming back to the fold and try to get my ass writing again.

There will be three kinds of posts here eventually one of each every week.

For now until I can get back into the swing there will be between one and three posts a week building back up to three posts weekly.

There will be a post pimping out someone that I feel need the spotlight, a post shining the light on a worthy cause that I believe in, and lastly I’m going to attempt to do some kind of media review.

Suckage and It’s Inevitability

or the alternative title –  Quit bitching and just write already!

Cross posted over at Welcome to my Madness my writing / accountability blog that I have also been slacking ass on – Harrass my ass

Oddly enough this was originally going to be a Google+ Post but it got lengthy so I thought I’d do something with one of my blogs that I’m too damned lazy to work on.

Trying to take a piece of advice from a Scott Sigler interview.  Basically advice was  – Write a crappy novel put it away for 6 months then come back to it.  See how bad it is and where you need to improve. – That is not to say write on purposefully to be crappy but face it we’re not freaking Mozart and things aren’t going to spring fully formed and perfect to our fingertips and into the computer – (or pen for those of us who still use them) – Similar advice is also given by the Mighty Mur LAfferty in that it’s okay to suck.  And also it’s echoed in  “There is no such thing as good writing, it’s good rewriting” and I have no Idea who originated that quote but I believe I read it in Joel Saltzman’s book on writing  – If You Can Talk You Can Write.

That said for a first attempt (okay so I’ve attempted MANY times and never finished but that’s a horse of another color) I don’t want to use any of my “Darling” Ideas – Because I don’t want them to suck.  But TFB I need to get over myself and realize that EVERYTHING is gonna suck in rough draft if it didn’t suck in rough draft then there would be no need for rewrites, and editors would be out of jobs.  So as far as editors are concerned I guess it makes them happy when we suck as long as we don’t suck to horribly and can improve.

Long story short quit bitching get writing – Lesson Attended – now lets see if I can learn this bitch.

Slacking Ass

Sorry life keeps getting in the way of me doing what I said I’m gonna do…

More info soon as I get time to put it up.

Welcome to 2011

Greetings and hallucination my dear friends fiends, followers and stalkers.

Okay no stalkers yet but a boy can dream can’t he?!

Welcome to 2011.  It’s a great new year, I feel good, the drama seems to be past for now though I think I just shot myself in the foot by drawing attention to it.  But as I came to look at it last week.  World bring it, go ahead get your steel toes on for the nut-kicking you’re about to deliver to me.  I’m ready to come over the counter and slap the bitch out of you.

Random Pimpage is back on track.

Posts should start popping up this week.

For those of you still paying attention to the site thank you to those that forgot all about me and aren’t bothering to check back…. Fair enough but I still say thpppppppppppppppppppppppppt.

In The Works.

Still getting things together to figure out how to schedule my time so that I can do everything I want to in conjunction with everything I need to.

This week – Likely tomorrow – Review of Flying Island Press Flagship 01.  So far I like it, and I think it’s a steal at twice the price considering how much work went into it.  I plan on posting a review of the stories themselves as well as the entire package.

I’m getting back into the  gear of listening to podfiction, I strayed for a while and was reading regular print books well rereading….  I plan on gettign things back together, I’m just an unorganized slackass so it take time to get my head out ass.

I plan on Randomly pimping cool shit as that what this blog was setup to do.

I plan on continuing to review cool shit as apparently several people enjoy it and it seems to be what I’m getting known for.

I plan on still pimping worthy causes – This is the biggest demand on my time as I have to actually go out and find the causes that I think are worthy.

and I plan on resurrecting 8 Questions.  Though I may put a twist on it.

I’m working on my own fiction, and my family, and trying to get my wow habit back to a reasonable time played instead of soon as my fat ass gets home til I pass out drooling on my laptop….

Things are underway to get back to “normal” production please stay tuned.


I Declare Tomorrow Friday, 1-22-2010 the 1st annual Hug a Special Child day. So far this year I’ve seen too much negative things come across my plate dealing with kids – losing Parents, nasty custody battles, abuse, bullying, I’m done listening to bad things happening to kids for now. Friday 1-22-2010 be sure to hug the children in your life and tell them how much they mean to you. Life’s way to damned short and we don’t do this nearly as often as we should. Hell maybe I’ll just start making the second to last Friday of the month Child Appreciation day.

Another call for aid for friends

More friends in dire straits that can use support both moral and fiscal.  In short a friend is in a legal battle to keep her child that is beginning to turn ugly and get costly.  If you can spare a  moment of prayer or a little money please check out the link above that can explain the situation better than I can.