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Worthy Cause – Media Creators

We receive a ton of free content these days – Free Pdocasted fiction free PDF’s for supporting our writer friends but sometimes we forget a very important part of supporting them – BUYING content.


Remember to support our creative friends with buying their commercial works.  This enables them to spend more time creating so we end up getting more content.

It’s tax time many of us will get a little something back… pick one of your favorite creators and purchase something if you already have a copy then gift it to a friend, family member or better yet a library so you can get more people hooked on truly fantastic content.


Getting PWNED by Owner’s Share

Today’s review / Pimpage is on Owner’s Share From Nathan Lowell first off lets get the links out of the way

@Nlowell – Nathan Lowell on Twitter – Trader’s Diary – The Website for the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper -Owner’s Share on Podiobooks

And while we’re at it  let’s give a big fucking shout out and thank you to Evo Terra and for providing a metric shit tonne of awesome content to listen to – Lots of great Podiobooks in many genres by many talented writers – You can find them at @podiobooks @evo_terra

Now on to the meat and potatoes – First off Nathan asks that we not spoil the ending by invoking Article 37… Screw Article 37 I’ll tell you how it ends… Like always – Nathan being a hell of a guy and thank you for listening… If you want how the story ends get off your ass and listen to it yourself… my words can’t do it justice.

Do you want 30 foot T-Rex’s jumping out of scrubbers and devouring half the crew, and exciting flitter chase where Ish dives out of the craft shooting the pirates through the armor glass port and Pip coming out of nowhere and saving him with a rocket pack?  Me too but that’s not the kind of stuff Nathan writes in the Share series, his ideas are a hell of a lot cooler if a lot more sedate.

Again Nathan delivers a great story, with a fantastic read.  You feel the highs and lows of the crew.  You get it through the way the words flow, and you hear it in his voice.  You’ll feel the shock and betrayal when the crew realizes that ARTICLE 37 is the one behind ARTICLE 37.  Oh and when ARTICLE 37 does ARTICLE 37 with ARTICLE 37 it’s just mind blowing.  I mean when ARTICLE 37 let ARTICLE 37 in the back ARTICLE 37 it was like whoa … I mean really how the hell does one get  a ARTICLE 37 into a 3×3 cubicle with ARTICLE 37 ,ARTICLE 37 ,ARTICLE 37  and 4 ARTICLE 37s… okay I went a little heavy on the ARTICLE 37.  Back to seriousness though – Again Nathan provides a great story, with a couple of twists that left an entire busload of people (literally I was on the bus listening to it) giving me dirty looks when I audibly expressed my incredulity at the twists.

As always it’s a well written story performed by a great voice talent.

Didn’t want to jump on the bad wagon yesterday though I kinda did through facebook but I’ll do it here and now and maybe another post on it tomorrow if I have the time… presence of mid to actually remember damned squirrels stealing my thoughts…

Thank you Nathan for not only providing free content but kick ass free content, it’s all too easy to just provide crap for free and make people pay for the good stuff.  Through the years I have sat impatiently waiting the next step in Ish’s Journey.  I still impatiently wait the next step.  Thank you for not wrapping everything up in a pretty red bow and doing the they sailed off into the deep dark happily ever after thing.  The books end how the entire series appealed to me – Feeling real.

Now stop reading and get back to work I can feel the withdrawal kicking in already!!!! More content!!!  errr…ummm I mean more content please Sahr.

From the Vaults – Dreamer’s Thread

We’ll Start the relaunch with a little something retro – And for that let’s go with one of my Favorite podcasts from last year – Starla Huchton’s The Dreamer’s Thread.

If you missed it the First time Here’s what I had to say –

The Dreamer’s Thread – is a fun fantastic journey into the world of dreams, and fantasy.  It’s a fun ride, to me it’s kinda like Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court had a bastard love child with The Never Ending Story and  set it in the land of Dreams.   (And let me mention that I find that to be a GOOD thing I like the Never Ending Story… Don’t diss Bastion…nah… AH…NAH-AH-AH – it was the sequels and the fucked up cartoon that screwed it up the original was pretty decent)  It’s a dreamy (pun intended) tale of Aura a dreamer who get’s pulled into the land of dreams to save the world from the nightmare realm.  I think the voices were dead on, they seemed to fell right on the characters.  It was fun ride, a well put together podcast, and a fun story one that should it ever make it into print I will read to my daughter on a regular basis.

Congratulations on the podcast / story being a wonderful success (least I think it turned out that way) and on the birth of your new minion.  I can’t see what else you’ve got to put out… fiction wise I mean… I don’t need to see the Minions – well unless you REALLY REALLY fell like sharing…

You can follow Starla on Twitter @RiznPhnx or you can check the Novel on Itunes or at it’s home on the web over at


It is a great podcast and story, and still has a happy place on my Hard drive just in case I have the urge to give it another listen.. and I have.  If you haven’t sat down and given it a listen do so, give it a couple episodes before you make up your mind (I like to give everything at least four eps) because there is a fairly decent stylistic change in the first couple episodes.

If you want to support the author for her hard work and hell of a job you can always shell out the 5 bucks for PDF or 15 for print from Amazon.

Some stories when you come back a second time lose some of the wonder, this one sucked me back in just like it did the first time.


Going a little retro pulling some things off the shelf and dusting them off while I’m working on the next stage of things here at Random Pimpage.

Ancestor is coming for You from @ScottSigler

Ladies and Gentlemen… When did ladies and gentlemen start reading this blog?  You slumming with me now?  Well welcome aboard don’t mind the dead bodies… just kick them if they start to move… or if they try to eat your skull watch zombies can get tired pretty easy and they get real hungry when tired…  Now to my intended audience – Most esteemed Dudes and Dudettes and those in various stages in between (hey I can’t exclude the TG crowd they are most excellent peeps and usually a fun to boot).  I come to you today to help Pimp the most Excellent FDO our own Scott Sigler.  Sorry I forgot to throw his other label in there New York Times Best selling Author Scott Sigler.

Next Tuesday – 6-22-2010 – Ancestor is released from Crown.  AN-MOTHERFUCKING-CESTOR – Probably my Favorite of Sigler’s works today.  I’ve been dieing to get my hand on a copy and If I wasn’t married with kids I would have paid the outrageous prices I was seeing for the previous edition of this book.  It’s a tossup between this and Nocturnal.

The Podcast of the redone Ancestor is currently dropping in our feed – Sigler hasn’t missed a day of Dropping Sunday content in 500 years… He kidnapped the Doctor and made him take the FDO back in time just so he can lay claim to that title – that’s how dedicated Scott is to his Junkies.

This book is so full of awesome that I’m half tempted to sleep under my desk for a week here at work just to save commute costs and make sure I can purchase this package of SHEER MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME and a few extra copies to give for Gifts… My Wife would kill me if I did that though… but if she waits until after I read the book it might be worth it…

Pre-order today – Help Scott hit #1 onthe NY Times Best Sellers list.  Make History – Help a great Podcaster  show the world that Podcasting Novels does too work, and to great effect.

Scott Sigler – Media

Podiobooks.Com –

Twitter –@ScottSigler

His Site – http://www.scottsigler.com



Double Review – Dreamer’s Thread and Cybrosis.

Random Pimpage is back on track again and for now… Because of the lack of content for the past couple weeks I promised this week to be double content week.  To that end I’ll pimp two great Podcasts.

We’ll Start with Starla Huchton’s The Dreamer’s Thread.

The Dreamer’s Thread – is a fun fantastic journey into the world of dreams, and fantasy.  It’s a fun ride, to me it’s kinda like Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court had a bastard love child with The Never Ending Story and  set it in the land of Dreams.   (And let me mention that I find that to be a GOOD thing I like the Never Ending Story… Don’t diss Bastion…nah… AH…NAH-AH-AH – it was the sequels and the fucked up cartoon that screwed it up the original was pretty decent)  It’s a dreamy (pun intended) tale of Aura a dreamer who get’s pulled into the land of dreams to save the world from the nightmare realm.  I think the voices were dead on, they seemed to fell right on the characters.  It was fun ride, a well put together podcast, and a fun story one that should it ever make it into print I will read to my daughter on a regular basis.

Congratulations on the podcast / story being a wonderful success (least I think it turned out that way) and on the birth of your new minion.  I can’t see what else you’ve got to put out… fiction wise I mean… I don’t need to see the Minions – well unless you REALLY REALLY fell like sharing…

You can follow Starla on Twitter @RiznPhnx or you can check the Novel on Itunes or at it’s home on the web over at

Seriously check it out it’s a hell of a great story and a fantastic cast.

Our Next quick review is going to be a work in progress there still 7 wellafter tonight I think it’ll be 6 Episodes left to drop on a weekly Friday release schedule.  Cybrosis is an awesome hold on to your pants or you will be blown out of them (and really do you want to be blown out of your pants and just stand around in your undies and an Ipod you’ll likely be put on a list and not allowed near schools or petting zoos anymore) technothriller / cyberpunk action filled ride.  And that’s the first Episode it’s gets much better from there.  PC Haring did a great job with his cast and I think the production is great.  At times I think the music kinda overwhelms his narration but I find those few and far between and may actually be the way I’m listening they seem fine on my earbuds but when I go over my car speakers okay minivan speakers 😛 is when I have some trouble hearing him over the music…  It’s kinda like the Bionic Woman done right.  Teh characters have a realness to them that makes this one of the few Cyber Punkish novels / stories that I actually will finish.  I’m normally not a fan of the genre.  Then again I spend all day screwing with computers I really don’t need uber tech crap in my novels that just frustrate me and remind me of end users I use reading as an escape not a prison.  It’s actually making me wonder how many other Cyber Punk novels I should try to give another chance.  So yeah this one story is actually making me reconsider my stance on an entire freaking genre.

Thanks PC it’s a wonderful story so far and I can’t wait to get the last few episodes I really need to get that damned time machine finished and … wait here’s a note.. it has a totally kick ass ending I’m not going to spoil it love Future me… dammit book Blocked by meself …  RIIIIIICH!!!!!! I really need to kick future me in the nads if I meet myself…. but anyway… The action is fun, and is easy to bring it to the mind’s eye it’s a very cinematically written work… is that even an adverb… screw it, it is now!  It translates very well.

You can Follow PC on twitter @PCHaring or you can check the Novel on Itunes or at it’s home on the web over at

Both of these novels are very well done, both have a cast that I cannot think of any way to improve on that doesn’t make me sound like an egotistical ass (which I am) and that’s just because I’m jealous at how well these shows were / are done.

PC and Starla keep up the good work can’t wait to see what is next from either one.   I lucked out with Dreamer’ Thread I got to listen to it straight through, but I’m jonesing for more Cybrosis.. I might have to add PC to the don’t listen to until it’s done because it’s so distracting waiting for the next freaking episode.. and the dude releases ON TIME and I still can’t wait for the next Episode… I mean it’s not even like Sigler who get’s hit from out of the bleachers and you just wait and wait and wait for things to get back on track this is an on time weekly schedule.   I will gladly say that to this date in 2010 Cybrosis is 95% likely to be the best Sci Fi Podcast Novel I’ve listened to so far this year and Dreamer’s Thread easily takes a top 2 Placing just behind Nathan Lowell and Ravenwood (by a scant few points at that.)

Take it lite folks see ya on the other side.


Making the Cut – Ironically Yes it Did… And so much More

This Weeks Pimpage is going out to Metamor City and it’s Author Chris Lester.

Lets get Links out of the way

Metamor City-

Chris on Twitter – @etherius

Don’t recall where I heard my first promo for Metamor City, I want to say I think it was from Dragon’s Landing Inn Gaming Podcast, but it intrigued me because the promo I hear called it Spellpunk.

I checked it out and the first couple short stories got me hooked.  Then came Making the Cut – The First Metamor City novel.

First off the world of Metamor City is just a exiting colorful Urban Fantasy landscape that is engrossing and immersive.  Chris does a hell of a job painting a world that is very ominous yet awe inspiring, not knowing whether the next corner turned is going to bring wonder or danger.  It’s got plenty of action and intrigue to get you hooked fast and keep you hooked.  The cast is excellent, and very well chosen.  It took me half the damn book to realize that two of my favorite characters were voiced by the same guy.  Not that it was hard once I sat back and actually looked (well listened) at it but the story did a good job of distracting me enough not to notice.  I will say I think we need more Artax in the stories but that’s just because Artax freaking rocks.

The story follows Daniel Sharabi member of the Psi Collective that isn’t powerful enough to matter to the powers that be among the Collective, and the lengths he’ll go to to be with the woman he loves, and the consequences of those actions, some kinda funny, some kinda dark.  I found some scenes to be uncomfortable and awkward to listen to, but that’s because of my morality trying to impose itself on the work.

This is not a happy kitty fun ride by any stretch of the imagination, as a warning I’m letting you know there is some sex, a good deal of violence, and some really fucked up scenes looking through the eyes of a psychopath (but don’t let that put you off you may sleep funny after certain scenes but it’s well worth the weird dreams).  If you don’t have earphones, don’t listen at work or around kids.  The release schedule was rough in places but seeing as he moved halfway across the country to accept a teaching gig during the process, it’s a wonder that things managed to stay running as smoothly as it did.  It got kinda annoying during the cliffhangers when that happened (but I kept listening anyway and I’m easily di… hey a shiny!!!!) but you get to DL it straight and listen straight through.  This was rough one to have to wait for but that’s because it was that good.  I found myself putting a couple episodes off at a time so I could have larger chunks of the story at one time.

All in all an enjoyable experience.

Would I listen again… YES!!!…. even if I had to do it to the same schedule… YES!!!  It’s a hell of a story, it’s a wonderful beautiful scary world that Chris is describing for us and the thing I like best about it is it isn’t a perfect world, you see the decay the corruption and that just draws you closer in.  Remember kiddies have your charms and amulets handy because the city does bear a curse, and once you get sucked in, it’s all the protection you have.

Imagine That…. No Really I’m Pimping Tee Morris…

You’ve heard him in Several Podcasts such as Phillipa Ballentine’s – Chasing the Bard, and Weather Child; PG Holyfield’s – Murder at Avedon Hill; Chris Lester’s – Metamor City; and of course in his own work as well – Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, and Morevi. He’s also got some non fiction technical credits With Podcasting for Dummies, Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, All a Twitter, and Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in Ten Minutes. For Now lets concentrate on Tee’s Fiction – When I have a chance to sample his Podcasting for Dummies (which may be happening sooner than later if I can get my goals in line this year) and All A Twitter I’ll review them separately.

Lets get the Links out of the way.
Tee Morris Main site –
Imagine That Studios
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword
Morevi – The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana
and Of Course Tee on Twitter

First off let me say that Tee Morris is a freaking great author, and vocal talent. And just because I’m kissing ass for not listening to Billibub sooner doesn’t make it any less true.
The self proclaimed Übernemesis of all podcast authors wasn’t the first Podcast Novel I listened to although he is credited with Releasing the first podcast novel with Morevi the Chronicles of Rafe and Askana written with Lisa Lee. I came into podcast fiction much later. I first heard about Morevi through a promo for Morevi Remastered while listening to Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal I believe, I can actually tell you exactly where I was on my drive home it was that kick ass of a preview. Soon as I got home I made Misty (my hottie wife) listen to it and it caught her attention too. Soon as I had a chance after I got home I hopped on Podiobooks and added it to my queue which at that time was too fricking large to begin with. Too many great looking stories too little time. Morevi Remastered got to jump ahead of the line of other things I had yet to download, because for all my knocking that Pirates are just Gay Vikings (Think about it Sea faring raiders, but they dress much nicer and they keep going on about the booty…)I still think they’re pretty damned cool. Morevi was one of my worst addictions as far as podiobooks goes… it was a bitch waiting for Tee to update (even in the weeks when he dropped multiple pieces of large chapters face it the boy can write, and put on a hell of a show…well audio…) I was glued to my Ipod until the podcast finally wrapped up (Richie fun fact Morevi was one of the first Podcast Novels I got my 65 year old Ma hooked on).
Morevi is a very thrill packed hold on to your ass or you’ll lose it ride. Personally I think many movie studios should be slapped stupid for someone on their staff not taking notice of this and optioning it and getting it into production for the big screen, Pirates of the Who???… Hmmm when I put it that way I know why it hasn’t – Disney is prolly holding everything up to make sure that Pirates of the Caribbean part 987,634,123 Admiral Jack’s Gall Stones won’t get blasted out of the water by Tee. But seriously it’s got it all a touch of Magic, about five metric ass tonnes of Mayhem, a Snarky Queen that can kick ass, and a Glib Charismatic Privateer who’s ego is only balanced by more luck than is portioned out to many nations (personally I think it’s because Rafe is knocking da boots with lady luck herself.) Easily one of the most entertaining stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Picture Phantom of the Opera done with a 30 Foot Dragon this is NOTHING like that at all because frankly that would just be weird. But it is a very captivating draw your ass in story. This is one where if I was almost home and not finished with an episode I’d drive around the block… because of this story several of my neighbors thought I was looking for children to snatch (thanks a lot Tee).

Now I’m ashamed to say that though Billibub Baddings and the Case of the singing Sword has been in my Queue at Podiobooks from the day I signed up, I only just listened to it last week for the first time. I am kicking my self in the ass for that now. Billibub was a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be. I’m not much for Noir / Crime stories but that fact that the main character was a Dwarf from a fantasy realm looking for a magical sword… it interested me, just not enough to jump in line. Conversation on twitter made me proclaim that I would not listen to anything on my Ipod in 2010 until I finished Billibub… I think it took maybe 48 hours to finish listening. Savy Dwarf cracking wise to Capone in 1920’s Chicago. It’s a detective story that I actually liked a lot, when budget allows I’m going to pick up a copy of Billibub Baddings and the Pitcher’s Pendant as well. – Hell when budget allows I want to pick up all Tee’s Stuff.
All in all Tee is a hell of a writer, and a podcaster. He does great comedy, fantastic gripping action, and stories that you can’t put down (neither physically nor in an insulting manor)

I only had one complaint…During my first listen through on Morevi Remastered – The explosions were a little too hot and I accidentally elbowed an old man in the face when I was so caught up in the story I jacked the volume so I could hear it over the commotion on the bus and a building went up. I almost wet myself at that particular point too. The rest of the bus thought it was funny, the old man understood because the explosion was so loud it scared him sitting next to me… I had crappy headphones that broadcast more sound to those around me then to me… I’ve since corrected the earphones issue and the second listen through Morevi the explosions weren’t that loud… or I’m going deaf.
All in all Great Job Captain, can’t wait to hear more.

SIGLER pt 2 – Return of the pim[ CONTENT OVERRIDE: KILROY2.0 IS HERE!!! ]

We now return you to your Randomly scheduled Pimpage. Sorry that I’ve been getting ready for a major writeup and Pimpage of Scott Sigler. Sigler has got to be one of the har>>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] <<<

> source terminal location: UNKNOWN

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> source login information: ENCRYPTED

> message begins

the post you are now reading is designed to dull your senses to THE TRUTH. do not live the life of the worker bee, the cog, the well-oiled piston in the MACHINE OF DECEIT!

there is a grand CONSPIRACY afoot. you have been taught to believe that you are UNIQUE, one of a kind. THIS IS NOT TRUE. long ago, a cabal of scientists created technologies to ensure that ANYONE’S MIND AND BODY can be duplicated.

human cloning isn’t NEAR. it’s already HERE. discover the truth at

you are being DECEIVED. break free from the cogs, flee the hive, become A PROPHET OF THE TRUTH!

kilroy2. was here … kilroy2.0 is everywhere

>>> [ CONTENT OVERRIDE CEASES ::: DATABASE STATUS: RECOVERING ] <<< ter this week I’ll bring some pimpage for some dude named JC Hutchins. Take it lite bros and ladies.

Many thanks to two people that I have likely inspired me more than any other.

Rewind 24 years, we had a 12 year old boy that wasn’t overly fond of reading. Said boy got a nasty flu and had to be picked up from school and kept home for several days. On the way home from school Mom side tripped to K Mart and the boy saw a boxed set of novels that caught his eye. Mom noticed this bought it, said boy started reading book one soon as they were in the car had the first book finished in about 2 days and was well into the second book. inside a week the whole Trilogy was finished adn I… er said boy started reading it all over again. The authors of the trilogy were Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and that trilogy was not The Dragonlance Chronicles, or even the Legends (Twins) it wasn’t Dragonlance at all it was the Darksword Trilogy – Which apparently as of a search I did last nigh now has a 4th book to it that I must acquire and devour.

I didn’t even learn about Dragonlance for another 3 years. (I quickly devoured as many of those as I was able to get my hands on too.)

I have many Literary heroes but I’ve actually gotten to meet two of them up close and personal and have very brief conversations with them during GenCon – I haven’t had a chance to go in years but of all the years of going my greatest thrill was speaking with them and getting my paperback copies of Chronicles signed – My wife gets mad at me because she’ll reach up to grab one to read and I’ll freak out (she’s a cover bender and I try to keep my books decent – don’t always succeed but I try)

Tracy and Margaret took a fat weak cowardly boy, and showed me that even I could be the hero of my own story through the characters in their novels (and the other authors that also had given their voices to Dragonlance especially Michael Williams with Weasel’s Luck and Galen Beknighted). The characters spoke to me I could see pieces of myself in many of the heroes and some of the villains and they actually made me take a good hard look at myself and made me think of what I wanted to do with my life what path I wanted to tread to be the hero or the villain. That helped a lot with my life thank you.

Tracy his son Curtis and Howard Tayler (You might remember Howard’s brief Pimpage in Those that Help – He’s part of Writing Excuses which I apparently spelled his name wrong My apologies Howard)have recently released XDM Xtreme Dungeon Mastery – a very funny very astute look at gaming and bringing fun and excitement back to the table. In recent years the games I’ve attended I started falling asleep at the table (well we had 12 players and more than an agreeable amount of rules lawyers then again 1 isn’t an agreeable amount because the freaking ARGUE all the time whoops this isn’t my rant blog this is my pimpage blog need to reel it in here.) because of all the rules bickering and asking to be woken when it was two players before my turn so I can spend 20 minutes formulating my 6 second round and not delay anyone else (sometimes I still had an additional 20 minutes to goof off to boot)The games I’ve been playing in sorely needed this book. I sorely needed this book. Found out that a couple of DMs that I’ve gamed with and myself instinctively used parts of this book before it even sprang into existence. It’s part satire, and part common sense with a little dash of uncommon sense with a sprig of HOLY CRAP THAT’S COOL with a little bit of [REDACTED]. I’ll rate it further when I have a chance to finish the book and use some of it’s secrets. (My brother-in-law managed to pick me up a copy at Gencon and had it autographed. It’s been rainy so it stays safe at the house out of the possibility of a torrential downpour)

Sites for Tracy and Margaret can be found below.

All in all I just wanted to say Thank you to Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis for inspiring me to read, and to dream a little more while I’m at it.

J.C. Hutchins and Phil Rossi making you scared of the dark.

Two great story tellers bringing back fear of the dark.

J.C Hutchins (@JCHutchins on twitter) is a fantastic storyteller, and podcaster that had his print debut June 9 2009. Personal Effects:Dark Art hit the streets shelves and mailboxes running. I haven’t been able to score my copy yet the damn bills keep piling up. Responsibility sucks. I have seen the first 4 chapters and I’m loving it.

Phil Rossi (@PhilRossi on twitter) has his debut of Crescent coming out in just a couple days here on July 9th, 2009 – I’m currently listening (well once I locate my Ipod again) to this in podcast form and I think that’s why I can’t find my Ipod because Phil Rossi scared the hell out of it and it doesn’t want to play any more of crescent – Crescent is a nicely done sci-fi story that will keep you up as much from fueling a fear of the dark as wanting to know what happens next.

Remember to support Hutch and Rossi both by purchasing their books wherever you may find them – Though we do have a Special note – Phil Rossi is trying the ever popular Amazon rush, and he requests that you don’t pre-order the novel but rather participate in the rush on July 9th and storm (hopefully Amazon will have their act together and it won’t end up repeat of May 15th for Christiana Ellis)

Thank you both for creating some awesome fiction to keep me up into the night, oh and my wife has a few words for you too, but they’re not the happy kind as I kinda get wrapped up in listening and forget to come to bed…..

Edit – 11:44 AM CDT 7-21-2009
Like a dumbass I forgot to post a link to Hutch and Phil’s Websites –

To Check out their work for yourself please visit their sites below
J.C. Hutchins
Phil Rossi